NY1 Hosts 52nd AD Debate or “I Will Shut Your Mic Off”

NY1 has posted the first part of its debate between the Democratic candidates for the 52nd Assembly District held on Monday (8/26) night.

Here’s the full debate:

Did you watch? What’s your opinion? Comment away!

BHB will host a debate between the candidates on September 2 at St. Francis College. While walk ups are welcome, we strongly suggest you reserve a spot now here.

We promise we won’t threaten to shut any candidate’s mic off… audience members though…

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  • davoyager

    Errol Louis could have handled that better. No need to threaten and demean a candidate over a minor miss step.

    Doug, if you play nice with Errol he might give you a drop in spot on his show like the guardian angel guy, but if you fight with him he ain’t gonna invite you back.

  • marshasrimler

    so i watched and still get no sense of this Pete Sikora another young privileged male. I think not sure he went to Cornell like his patron Brad Lander. and levin went to Brown and squadron to yale.. How many of these under 40 ivy guys do we need… I prefer some diversity.. Joanne went to Fordham Law and has lived beyond 40. She has done loads of pro brono work representing the right causes
    Sikora is a paid lobbyist. I see absolutely no advantage to the community in choosing him..

  • HicksOnHicks

    hi marsha – why do you continue to impugn people’s character by applying stereotypical caricatures? Your misanthropic (man hating) and divisive class warfare comments aren’t worthy of a library lover. How can you say you would “prefer some diversity”? Isn’t that politically correct cover for saying “Less white dudes”? Why is that preferable? Are you a sexist and a racist?

  • CHatter

    You really do yourself a disservice with this sort of post. Vote against people because of their gender and because they went to good schools? Nonsense. How do you propose to be regarded by others, other than with pity and contempt?

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    This makes zero sense. You are impugning candidates for having gone to Ivy League schools, yet praising another for going to Fordham Law. Do you realize that Fordham Law is one of the best, most prestigious law schools in the country? That said, voting for someone based on where they went to school is just a ridiculous notion to begin with.

  • bethman14

    Marsha is passionate about her beliefs, but like many zealots and fanatics she and her buddy Mike DD White are incapable of making a legitimate argument so they resort to name calling, conspiracy theories and personal venom. Its sad really.

  • bethman14

    The Brooklyn Tea Party leadership speaks! How absurd to echo folks like Sarah Palin and denigrate a public servant because he/she has a quality education. I personally have enormous respect for a well educated person who chooses a career in public service as opposed to more lucrative opportunities in the public sector. Its also refreshing to see younger people like Sikora and even Biviano (who I disagree with on pretty much every issue) entering politics. Its time for fresh thinking in government, openness to new ideas….the knee-jerk conservatism represented by you, Ms. Simon, and your CDL pals is out of date. Brooklyn has changed, the role and expectation of government has changed, and we need creative problem solvers in Albany and City Hall who aren’t afraid to think outside the box for new and truly progressive solutions to ALL of Brooklyn’s problems.

    Also Marsha, Brad Lander went to the University of Chicago, not Cornell (http://bradlander.com/brads-biography)

  • ujh

    Have not been able to view the entire debate yet because of some video error. Nevertheless, in the segment I’ve listened to Jo Anne Simon was far better prepared and focused than her two wimpy opponents who had nothing of substance to say. She is every thinking person’s candidate.

  • JAZZ

    Biviano went to Cornell. CONSPIRACY!!!

  • DIBS

    Really, marsha??????

  • ujh

    After listening to the entire debate, I wish to be fair and exclude Peter Sikora from my previous “wimp” statement. He addressed the questions posed to him, although I consider Jo Anne Simon to be the superior candidate, whereas Doug Biviano neither answered one question nor had anything constructive to say. Does he have ANY legislative plan? And to claim he got kicked off a BBP playing field shows his poverty of spirit.
    Errol Louis handled the debate well.

  • Quinn Raymond

    Yeah, I gotta say that Simon’s supporters have not done a great job of representing her with these constant attacks. This is pretty little league stuff.

    If you want to engage on the issues, great. That’s not what is happening here.

  • Lady in the Heights

    Doug is an Ivy boy. He went to Cornell.

  • Doug Biviano

    Yes. BS in Civil Engineering and ME in Environmental Engineering
    Would say I have a different mindset as an engineer.
    Came out with a lot of school loans.

  • Doug Biviano

    Until we get power of governing back to community with big issues hammering our neighborhoods (and that requires an independent candidate not backed by same special interests holding the hammer and controlling election system) legislative issues are not as helpful as the harm being done to our voters. The Assembly seat is quite powerful to stop this harm. That said here are a few legislative goals:

    1. Expose and Stop tax breaks, tax abatement for developers and public asset giveaways to them (developers will do fine without them and development will continue but will be harder to target public service institutions like hospitals, libraries, parks, etc). We do not have to subsidize because the affect is the tax payers take a double hit. We get overcrowded (schools, services) while at the same time our services get cut or can’t expand (schools, libraries, hospitals, parks) because our tax money goes to the developers. The tax breaks and abatement to developers also drives up rent at accelerated rates and pushes out good poor, middle class, and senior residents from out community. Voters tell me this all day.

    2. I would have a big focus on election and campaign finance law reform to build walls between special interests, lobbyists, consultants, campaigns and elected officials to bring the balance of power back to the voter. We’re the only candidate to talk about this in real terms how bad Pols protect themselves while slaughtering our quality of life and our services. We did an op-ed in Brooklyn Paper in 2010:


    3. I’m a fairly progressive guy supporting Woman’s Equality Act among other good legislation. I would never endorse Joe Hyne’s like Jo Anne Simon did last year knowing he covered up domestic violence and child abuse cases. I’m happy to talk to anyone and I’m very accessible and will remain that way.

    I ask for your vote on Sept. 9 and to help spread my message. Thank you.

  • David on Middagh

    All of us cow-college folk best stick together.

    /Groovy UV

  • agoraks

    All you people could not do anything against a single person at Albany who had the backing of corporate greed. You tried..here we are with the hospital gone. Democracy is only for those who can buy it..

  • Doug Biviano

    Off camera, Louis iced me before the show and breaks on the set to agitate me. But I got my grove back to close strong and get to the heart of the matter. Louis then exploded at me after the show with insult after insult. It was pretty outrageous and unprofessional. The good news and credit to him, is that, Louis aired our arguments and candidacy unlike most city wide news outlets that are ignoring them.

  • marshasrimler

    as i said diversity in representation is important and helps us all
    No i am not a sexist or racist nor do i hate men but surely we can have representative who have a different life story than sikora ,,lander levin and squadron ( all of whom are quite similar)

  • marshasrimler


  • marshasrimler

    we need not have ALL our reps cut from the same piece. they have a particular life experience that influences their views.. why should ALL our reps be white men under 40 who went to ivy schools

  • marshasrimler

    thanks.. this is the Brad Lander who is Sikora’s patron and described the destruction of the Brooklym Heights Library as creative

  • marshasrimler

    I am talking about diversity in representation … nothing wrong with than

  • marshasrimler

    yes doug I agree your background is different than Lander, Sikora, Levin and Squadron.. ALso more life experience -less gov’t experience

  • marshasrimler

    why not have one woman represent us.. along with all the younger guys.. her life experience is different.and that influences her views and actions

  • Quinn Raymond

    I am a big proponent of more women getting elected, but you have to examine it on a case by case basis. Sarah Palin is a woman, yes?

    More to the point, the past few weeks these personal attacks have been baseless and without any meaningful substance. Just small, petty stuff.

    Since you can’t find any policy issues to challenge Sikora on you’ve resorted to nitpicking and ad hominem attacks.

    Not compelling, and frankly not helpful to Simon either.

  • marshasrimler

    we have 3 local reps councilman-levin, state senate squadron, and assembly. I see nothing in Pete Sikora’s record that demonstrates to me he should turn our reps into 100% white male under 40. Joanne is a woman of substance who has earned this.. Lets keep it 2/3 male,1/3 female with Joanne in the assembly

  • Anon

    It was a useful debate. Errol Louis did a good job. Doug embarrasses himself by sticking to generalities about corruption and guilt by association. You need to show the voters (us) that you have a more specific understanding if what you would do in Albany. Just saying you will expose corruption is too vague. It doesn’t seem credible.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    That’s not to say that we didn’t try or have given up. It only shows how entrenched the corruption is — from the top –Gov. Cuomo, to the agencies like the NYS Dept of Health, SUNY, State Senate, the judges, and the power newspapers like the NY Times.

  • davoyager

    Maybe he wants to give you that drop on gig as his on air foil for the occasional spar.
    Anyway he was a big jerk and it would serve him right if you went ahead and won this election.
    Good luck Biv.