BHB ICYMI Open Thread

There’s been a lot of Brooklyn Heights news over the last week. Here are some links to discuss below as well as the latest joint from Karl Junkersfeld which highlights some hot topics as well.

Comment away!

The Wooden House Project Tours Brooklyn Heights

NYT: Another Pass at Revitalizing Abandoned Warehouse Space on the Waterfront

AMNY: Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO residents are RICH!

NYDN: Brooklyn Bridge Park Looking For Roller Rink Operator

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  • Claude Scales

    An appeal from a not rich BH resident: this morning, a sterling silver bead necklace fell unnoticed at the time from my wife’s neck while we were walking to Grace Church. Our route took us from the foot of Montague across Montague Terrace to Remsen, then south on Hicks to the entrance of Grace Church. The necklace was a birthday gift from my wife’s now deceased mother. If found, please let me know by reply to this post.

  • David on Middagh

    I had to Google “ICYMI” (“In Case You Missed It”).

    I wonder which of today’s Internet-promulgated thought-shortenings and whimsical variations will become the world-pervading “OK” of the 22nd Century? Might it be “LOL”? Will it be “copl”? IDK.

  • marshasrimler

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