Pierson To Announce Endorsements Monday In District 33 Council Race

The Democratic challenger in the NYC council D33 race has picked up a few key allies. Stephen Pierson will be officially endorsed Monday morning at Borough Hall by Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Democratic State Committeewoman Jo Anne Simon and New Kings Democrats President Alex Low.

Pierson’s presser reiterates the major focus of his campaign against incumbent, and fellow Brown graduate, Steve Levin: “These leaders who are dissatisfied with the incumbent Council member are uniting behind Stephen Pierson in the race for the 33 City Council is no place for a politician who is tied down by political debts to Vito Lopez.”

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  • Roberto

    Before either of the Steve’s gets elected, it ‘s essential that both of the candidates address the matter of widespread privatization and removal of publicly-funded fixtures (libraries, firehouses, schools, hospitals, housing, parks) in NYC. I would love to hear an intelligent discussion of how “the commons” is being affected by current politicians and policies. As a lobbyist for peace and quiet as a quality of life and health concern, I am eager to hear each candidate’s position on the widespread waiver of the NYC Noise Code to allow after-hours construction.
    Finally, is there any comment on the offer of financial compensation for citizens in Rockland County who are being impacted by pile driving for the new Tappan Zee Bridge? Shouldn’t the same offer be made for NYC residents who, due to noise waivers, must endure all-night construction activity on the Brooklyn Bridge and other projects?

  • Ann B Chapin

    this Vito Lopez attack against Levin is getting OLD! seems as if anyone who has even spoken to Lopez is suspect!!???
    haven’t heard much of any NEW policy from Pierson??

  • marshasrimler

    You are so right Ann.

  • welcometomoviefone

    Well, it is a major point of differentiation between the two candidates. Levin was Vito’s chief of staff. Levin steers major $$ towards Ridgewood Bushwick, etc. That kind of a relationship to Vito qualifies as suspect.

    As for policies, I appreciate that both candidates want to do things like ‘save LICH’, but then what? It seems like the place is hemorrhaging money so the act of it merely staying open now is not a long term solution. What do you two think? Have you heard any interesting solutions thrown around? (as a general question, not just from these 33rd guys).

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    The words you use, i.e., “the place is hemorrhaging money” and “33rd guys” by which you mean NYSNA, tell me that your are falling for the SUNY playbook.

    Read http://www.scribd.com/doc/139027698/LICH-Factbook-2-0, instead.

  • welcometomoviefone

    Great doc – thanks for posting. I hadn’t done much LICH reading so was lazily going by general headlines.

  • ursulahahn

    Steve Levin, like every city council member and every borough president, has a budget for his/her district. Some CC members focus on social programs and use little, if any, funds to maintain parks and recreational opportunities in their districts; some spread their funds among a range of institutions and projects. Levin was one of the few CC members who, earlier this year, invited his constituents to determine how one million dollars from his budget are to be spent, and applicants lobbied hard in public to garner support for their respective proposals. It is hoped that this process of participatory budgeting will become a permanent fixture.
    It would be helpful for his constituents, if Steve Levin explained the considerations that go into his budgeting decisions without his opponent’s intimidations..

  • Hope’s mom

    I hope folks vote based on experience and track record. Then, Steve Levin wins hands down.

  • Rocky Raccoon

    I the strings from Vito L. have been cut free from Steve Levin a long time ago.

  • marshasrimler

    you are so right

  • ursulahahn

    I agree. Levin has gone through a difficult process and has represented the people in this area of his district well. Pierson is a greenhorn without any experience in the public sector (at least he hasn’t mentioned any). Can we afford a freshman who has to learn – and internalize – the maxim that politics is the art of the compromise?

  • Doreen Gallo

    Councilmember Stephen Levin is not tied to or controlled by anyone. He cares about and is respectful to his constituents. Councilmember Levin can safely run on his record.
    The electeds creating false allegations should be ashamed of themselves because they have certainly fallen short in their jobs and seem to have more time to be petty than insightful enough to be honest about what a hardworking and productive Councilmember Levin is.

  • marshasrimler

    What exactly has Steven Pierson done?. He has gotten a substantial contribution from David Offesend who supports the destruction of our library on Cadman Plaza

  • welcometomoviefone

    So you are saying Nydia Velazquez, Jo Anne Simon and Alex Low are all ‘creating false allegations’ and are ‘petty’? That seems quite a stretch if not somewhat slanderous.

  • welcometomoviefone

    I wouldn’t worry about Stephen Pierson and libraries. He’s spent nearly the last 10 years working to build a non-profit tutoring program in Harlem. And apparently his daughter loves libraries :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L42s4_N_5C8

  • marshasrimler

    that was before he got the money from Offesend. Seems like Pierson is for sale

  • welcometomoviefone

    I’d say ‘lol’, but I don’t think you’re being sarcastic! $500 (from the Offsends) out of $52,468 in total contributions; and $163,198 in total receipts.. not what I would label as substantial. I think you’re focusing on the wrong candidate with your ‘for sale’ sign!

  • marshasrimler

    $500.00 is just a downpayment ..Yes Pierson is for sale and will go down the library destruction road with the Offesends

  • MonroeOrange

    wait…They are tearing down the library?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marshasrimler


  • welcometomoviefone

    Is this really Marsha Rimsler, the LCSW?? I can’t believe someone with Marsha’s educational background would post such blind and unwarranted vitriol.

    By all means fight to save the library, but wow.

  • Marathoner

    This is a 1-trick pony… NY City Council controls hundred of millions of dollars…. even if Pierson’s allegations are true and current, this is old news and a drop in the bucket

    Tell us what you’re going to do if elected and stop repeating the same old rumor as if it will get you anywhere

    What is your platform? “I’m controlled by people not named Vito?” – every candidate gets money from someone with an interest. Only question is – what’s your source?

    Talk about the issues and start getting arrested for LICH like everyone else

  • klowy

    We should all stop responding to welcometomoviefone’s comments. He is obviously on Pierson’s payroll and is to much of a coward to use a real name. Plus pretty much everything he writes is laughably wrong. Which everyone seems to get at this point. I have to assume that he if he used his real name it would be a problem for him.

  • Rocky Raccoon

    Someone else doesn’t like Quinn and Real Estate Pols. Read all about it.


  • Bobblehead

    Wow. Levin has a lot of trolls on here.

  • Cadwoman

    Check out those boots!