Open Thread Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Open Thread Wednesday for this February 13, 2013… and early Valentine’s Day greetings. So… what’s in your heart today? Comment away! (CT)

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  • Teresa

    So I tried Eimi yesterday, the new salon at Eastern Athletic, and was impressed. Their prices are low to begin with and they’ve got introductory, first-time visit specials. I got a haircut, single process color, and eyebrow threading for under $100, and I had a coupon from Yelp for $75 that I bought for $50.

    Eimi, the proprietor, is friendly, skilled, and accommodating, and I was very happy with all three services. I’ll definitely go back.

  • harumph

    Has anyone tried the spa at EA (not the hair salon)? I would love to find a good massage that doesn’t have happy endings nor is mall-like massage envy…

  • bhres

    so, how difficult is it for restaurants to be clean? why do so many restaurants have Bs or Cs? is it really THAT difficult to keep sanitary conditions? i know there are extenuating circumstances that are difficult to resolve, like vermin problems, but seriously? tio pio, for example, went from B to A and back to B. there’s a lot of wiggle room with the grading, so to get a B, you must really be doing a crappy job!

  • DIBS

    Does it really matter whether they have an A or a B?????

  • bhres

    yes!! i don’t want to eat at a restaurant if they have chronic issues with vermin, contaminating utensils, and leaving food out longer than it should be. chances are higher of ending up with GI problems! my hubby projectile vomited after having bad korean BBQ. i’d like to lessen the liklihood of that happening again!

  • DIBS


  • Heightsman

    I am going to regret this but Joan at EA Spa is amazing. I get massages all the time and I would get Joan to travel with me if I could afford it. Sadly she is only there certain days and you should book ahead. My wife also thinks Joan is awesome.

  • Diego of Henry St

    Can anyone recommend a Nannie who has experience with newborns and toddlers?

  • Anna

    Excited to get a sneak peek into the Spanish/Tapas restaurant that is going to be opening on Montague Street soon. The owner (?) was there on Saturday and they had one of the boarded up windows open so you could see in from the street – it looks like it is going to be great. He said they are aiming for an April opening.

  • Peter Loibl

    While this is technically a Cobble Hill question … has anyone here ever eaten at Saul? I am going for the first time this weekend and looking forward to it: can’t seem to find their menu online (I guess it changes often, and not sure if the one on Menupages is current). Any recommendations?

  • Sidney

    Check out the Brooklyn Heights Parents group on yahoo groups. You can find postings on there for nanny recommendations, or you can post your own listing.



  • MonroeOrange

    Gerry will, he cares so much about all the people in his community, regardless of how affluent they are…ain’t that right Gerry?!

  • Arch Stanton

    Gerry Hasn’t posted in days… Perhaps he had a medical emergency and expired en-route to Manhasset… I hope not, just saying.

  • Sally

    I actually signed on tonight because Five Senses Bodywork has been shuttered by the labor dept, and my back is full of knots. First off—I’m curious what’s up. Five Senses has always seemed like a great no-frills place with amazing Tui Na massages, and they seemed pretty legit. I’m a gal, but I never saw any evidence that they were a happy endings kind of place.

    Does anyone know the reputations of the other Tui Na spots in the area? I ventured into Five Senses only because Yelp assured me that it wasn’t a sex parlor.

    Spring Bodywork Station on Henry

    Zohul Shi on Court

    The upstairs place on Montegue???

  • bhres123

    we had our rehearsal dinner there. gnocchi is amazing, with fried garlic! and the after-dinner caramels are ridiculous! yum….

  • MarkS

    The letter grades are notoriously inconsistent. You’d be amazed at what you can get away with and still get an A, and the minor infractions that could bring you down to a B or even C.

    I’d bet all the money in my pocket that your own kitchen right now would get a C at BEST.

  • Heights Neighbor

    Last week there were two separate robberies in my building, two days apart. One of the thieves was caught, but the other is still out there. They either snuck in when someone left or just followed someone in. I hadn’t heard about robberies in the neighborhood since this fall, I think in the building on Clinton.
    Guess even in our “safe” neighborhood we still need to keep a cautious eye out & lock our doors. Watch your backs neighbors.

  • DIBS

    Food is amazing. it gets loud though and tables for 2 are very close together. If you have a larger party, try and get the table near the window. But the food is really good.

  • MonroeOrange

    oddly enough, i thought the same thing..hope not…i’ll miss his outrageous comments!

  • Knight

    I was wondering if he changed his screen name to “Joe A”.

  • bagel boy

    Does anyone know why the North Heights smelled like chicken soup this morning? The odor was strong and it smelled pretty darn good.

  • Hicks St Guy

    Saul was one of the first outstanding restaurants on that street. Saul Bolton is a great chef, a great guy,
    and you should have a memorable meal!

  • MonroeOrange

    Guinness book of world record competition for the largest bowl of Chicken Soup was today. Problem was they couldn’t find a large enough ladle.

  • Nota Beanie

    It’s the new comment system that requires logging in with social media. Too many hoops. I hardly comment anymore because of it. (I’m not Gerry or Mr. Crusty/Joe A. This is a hardly-used Facebook account I happen to already be logged into.)

  • Heights Boy

    It does not “require” logging in via social media. you can still log in via email. just start typing a screen name in the txt box where it says “register with disqus” an email box will pop up. just put your email as you did using the old system and you will be able to comment.

  • Heights Boy

    JoeA = Mr. Crusty

  • Heights Boy


  • Heights Boy

    Yes keep your door locked, this is NYC not the suburbs.

  • Nota Beanie

    Actually, Heights Boy, I just tried that. For some reason, clicking “Next” did nothing. The comment wouldn’t post.

    This blog used to have super-reliable commenting, now it’s terrible.