Open Thread Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Open Thread Wednesday for this February 13, 2013… and early Valentine’s Day greetings. So… what’s in your heart today? Comment away! (CT)

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  • Joe A

    Burglaries, not robberies.

  • Joe A

    Yes indeed I am the former mr. Crusty. I mentioned as much in one of my first posts under this new system. I already has a discus account and with my email address it defaulted to my other screename. No subterfuge intended. By any name I still hate Gerry

  • Joe A

    I fear we have not heard the end of Gerry.

  • Heights Neighbor

    Hmm, victims were present. I think it is a robbery. That’s how they got caught. Perhaps they were doing both. Maybe this is a gray area. My point was, in two separate infidnces opeople who didn’t belong in my building got in and took or attempted to take things that weren’t theirs. Some doors were open, other look,

  • Joe A

    Semantic point but a robbery is when property is taken by force or the threat of force, give me your wallet or I’ll shoot you. If someone enters your home or apartment and steals propery without the use of force, (even if you are there) it is a Burglary.

  • GHB

    All the doors were unlocked, and only one apartment had something ripped off (if we’re talking about the same building.) Always lock your door. When you’re home, if you step out to do laundry, always. This is NYC after all