Waiting for Ballet at Montague Summer Space

While the Family Fink went to see the ballet as advertised to start at 3:30pm at Sunday’s Montague Street Summer Space and waited over 40 minutes snapping the first picture. Despite the photo tweeted below we’re not totally convinced that the dancers from Brooklyn Ballet’s Company and Youth Ensemble are not still on Montague Street rehearsing rehearsing never to go on.

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  • Alan

    Agreed. When they finally came on stage (road) it was nail biting to see whether they would dance into the large puddles at the side of the street. And then would the Zumba (which started on time) drown out the piano recordings. My daughter burst into tears when the broken doll and robot man came on stage. But overall we were glad that we waited.

  • http://www.brooklynballet.org lynn

    my apologies for the wait. once the dancing got underway onlookers were delighted. brooklyn ballet’s “take ballet to the streets” is a way for audiences to encounter ballet in a non-theatrical setting and is sometimes challenging from the tech perspective. what would really help get the show on the road (literally) is if a sound system (nothing fancy) could be provided by the festival organizers or neighborhood good samaritan. maybe next year?
    for a theatrical performance come see CounterPointe! info below, this week-end. we’ll start on-time.


    Lynn Parkerson
    founding artistic director, Brooklyn Ballet