To Walk, or Not to Walk?

Update: It’s been fixed.

OK, here I am at the corner of Montague and Hicks, about to cross Hicks as I head for the Promenade, and the light shows the little figure that says “Walk.” So, I walk. Wait! Why are these cars coming at me? I look up, and see that the traffic light facing Montague is red. That means these cars on Hicks must have the green. WTF?

So I take a quick step back, just before the tires of an Escalade crush my toes. Then I notice there’s another “walk/don’t walk” sign, partially hidden behind the one that says “Walk,” but this one says “Don’t Walk.” Whew! That was a close call.

So, what goes on here? Have the Traffic Gods put a curse on Brooklyn Heights?

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  • Heightsman

    I think I noticed this the other day. The two signs in question are turned the wrong direction and therefore give you the wrong info. You were headed south (toward the water) on the opposite side of the Bossert, correct? Call 311.

  • Scrambler

    I noticed the same last night. It’s really dangerous for people who don’t pay attention to the traffic and just wait for the sign to change. Whoever the foreman is on the crew working there should be fired.

  • David on Middagh

    Could someone with a ladder just give the thing a swivel?

  • GHB

    I hope you called someone about that, before someone gets killed

  • liam

    the signs have been like that for over 2 weeks !
    ysty i called 311 and after being shunted off to 3 different depts.
    (after each one dutifully tried to understand my complaint)
    the last person, after taking my statement almost word for word,
    said she would notify the proper authority.
    voila –repaired ysty afternoon.

  • BH’er

    the construction on Montague has been a bit sloppy

    on another note, “WTF” is short-hand profanity and is better saved for txt msgs