Kiddie Hawk – Big Bird Hangs Out at Pierrepont Playground in Brooklyn Heights

BHB reader “Alex” sent us this photo of what appears to be a City Hawk hanging out over Pierrepont Playground this weekend.  Hopefully he’s more mellow than the big fella we spotted chewing up a pigeon last year and more like the laid back chap who came to visit in the snow back in December 2010.

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  • BronxKid

    Last week, I caught what I thought was a sparrow hawk hovering outside a window in my apartment where I happen to have a cage with 2 little parakeets. The hawk obviously thought they looked like tasty little morsels. I shooed it away and calmed them down. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a “bird of prey” outside my window. pproach; I’ve caught a few outside the window in the past few months.

    No new picture with your story by the way.

  • Homer Fink

    Upgrade your browser if you are using Internet explorer

  • Joe From Grace

    There was a red-tailed hawk on Grace Ct last week.

  • harumph

    and crows – we had lots of crows in our backyard yesterday – so odd

  • Chris

    Is that a sharp shinned or a coopers? Cool! I’m at Clinton and State and we had a sharp shinned/coopers nest on the block this spring.

  • Andrew Porter

    Hawk is waiting for summer, when kids will be out of their heavy coats and boots and much more likely to become tasty morsels for this carnivore’s insatiable appetite…

  • nabeguy

    Andrew, I was thinking the same thing, but thought better of posting it. Thought it might ruffle some feathers.

  • Colin

    I’ve seen one hanging out it Cadman Plaza, too. I’ll try snapping a picture next time I see it.

  • Chris

    He was just in my neighbor’s back yard on State Street! He was looking for some juncos or sparrows, you could tell he was HUNGRY!