Big Bird at High Street Station

BHB reader “Nancy” sends us this photo and message:

My daughter took this photo of a large bird sitting on a bush outside our house by the A train High Street station.

So, what is that an owl errr sumthin’?

Here’s a closer look:

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  • the meowking

    Looks like a juvenile red-tailed hawk.

  • CFB

    No – run it through a photo-editor (use a “lighten shadows” tool) and it’s clearly a bird of prey: Looks like a falcon to me.

  • Demonter

    Red Tailed Hawk…plenty of prey in Brooklyn for them. They especially like rodents of all types (rats, mice, squirrels)…85% of their normal diet. They eat birds and reptiles as well. The Red Tails are used in North America by falconers.

  • Soulman

    Definitely a hawk or falcon- looks a bit more like a juvenile red-shouldered hawk or maybe a puffed-up peregrine falcon. They live and hunt off the bridge and I’ve seen them a few times around here. Wish I could see the front of the bird. I’ll be on the lookout for this one for sure.

  • Soulman

    oooo – I hope I see it. Looks like a juvenile red-shouldered hawk or perhaps a puffed-up peregrine falcon. I’ve seen falcons at work in the Nabe. They live on the bridge. Perhaps this one was waiting for a juicy rat or mouse to show up since here are plenty around here.

  • Parris

    It’s really a camera

  • WillowtownCop

    I got a call this past summer for trespassers on the roof of a housing project in Red Hook. We heard some commotion when we went up the stairs and were very surprised to find a hawk up there ripping the head off a pigeon. There was blood and feathers everywhere.

  • my2cents

    So is this bird in the bush worth .5 birds in the hand?

  • Michelle Karshan

    Here is the Northern Burrowing Owl

  • Andrew Porter

    I frequently see hawks over the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. They have little bibs with pictures of squirrels and rabbits on…

  • judith

    I have spotted a similar hawk perched on our fence in the backyard ripping apart and eating a squirrel or another bird. This was seen months ago.