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Death From On High: Hawk Devouring a Pigeon In Brooklyn Heights

At around 5:50pm or so, a hawk was spotted eating what looked like a pigeon on Columbia Heights, between Pierrepont and Clark streets. A flurry of feathers fell to the ground as the bird of prey tore into its victim.

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A “Sure Sign of Spring”: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Returns

Martin Schneider sends us this photo, and this commentary: A sure sign of Spring! Our Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is back at work on our holly tree. She methodically drills an array of small shallow holes and eats the sap and then the insects which they will attract. According to Sibley, they are “uncommon” so we are […]

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Big Bird at High Street Station

BHB reader “Nancy” sends us this photo and message: My daughter took this photo of a large bird sitting on a bush outside our house by the A train High Street station. So, what is that an owl errr sumthin’? Here’s a closer look:

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