Shots Fired on Monroe Place in Brooklyn Heights

This just in from two BHB tipsters (photo and comment):

I live at 101 Clark Street, about an hour ago, a plainclothes police officer knocked on the door to ask if I’d heard anything last night about midnight. A shot was fired through a window on Monroe Place, he said and didn’t think it had anything to do with the shooting in August. When I walked the dog at about 9:30 there were  several cops and 2 cars around Monroe and Clark.

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  • Josh G

    Holy crap

  • Alanna

    Fired through a window? I wonder who lives there…

  • Mona Bregman

    What is happening to our nice, safe and quiet neighborhood? Can it be the kids from Clark Street Dorms?

  • zabc

    Good to know cop cars made it through the snow.

  • AmyinBH

    Isn’t it the norm that less crimes occur in snow storms and extreme cold weather? (Feeling a lot better about living on a much higher than street level floor of my apt. building with court yard facing windows.)

  • Josh G

    Ouch that’s pretty quick to blame the dorm kids. That would be my guess just before I blame it on a bunch of nice old nuns. Before you consider college kids, consider all the lower-income housing in our neighborhood. Fine, call me elitist but whatever – there was a similar incident this summer in almost the same spot linked to a “troubled” youth who had a series of prior arrests.

  • nabeguy

    Josh G, can you tell me exactly where that lower-income housing in BH may be? I have friends that are looking.

  • WillowtownCop

    When I first moved to BH, there were three bullet holes covered with tape in my front window, which has since been replaced. The real estate agent assured me that they were left over from the 70s, and if you looked at them closely, you could see they came from the inside out, which made me feel much better.

  • Demonter

    Chances are the shooter knows the “shootee”.

  • janinbh

    Heard the same story with a twist. The shot/shots were fired from Monroe Place to 101 Clark St. Cadman Towers

  • janinbh

    What low income building?

  • Mickey

    Mona: Nice try but there are no kids in the Clark Street Dorms this week. They had to be out before Christmas and won’t return for another couple of weeks.

  • x

    they must be angry about the lack of snow plowing in our nabe.

  • Sarah Dee

    Also, what do college kids have to do with gun violence? Not exactly the demographic for gun crime, I wouldn’t think. Also, you think it’s easy to pack heat in the dorms??

  • Andrew Porter

    Lower income housing is coops that go for under half a million; apts that rent for less than $1500 a month. The usual thing.

  • Jennifer

    Where exactly are these lower income apts that go for $1500… And how does $1500 qualify as “low income”? Still probably not worth the rent How about you go back to whatever elitist, obnoxious, classist society you grew up in. Thanks.

  • Mickey

    I caught the sarcasm, Andrew! Get up on the wrong side of the bed, Jennifer?

  • Soulman

    Actually, Cadman Towers is still a Mitchell-Lama building [despite the efforts of some who wish to reap the benefit$ of privati$ation]. I know people who pay less than $1700 per month including utilities and an indoor parking space for three bedrooms with a view you wouldn’t believe.

    re: the targeting: the police said that the shot went through a window on Monroe Pl.