Sex, Lies, and the Busted Chef

“Awesome Slut”, whose eponymous site won the “best sex blog” award from the Village Voice this year, tells all in her confessional “the mistakes we make” about an affair with Daniel Kaufman a/k/a Daniel Kay a/k/a Daniel Katze a/k/a the Busted Chef, whose true identity she discovered through a Google link to BHB.

Caveat: the language in Ms. Slut’s post is, in Homer’s words, “very Penthouse Forum.”

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  • Just A Neighbor

    Was JUST about to send this over to you..will this guy never go away?? Gross.

  • AEB

    Artisan bacon? The kind without nitrates/nitrites, I guess….

  • my2cents

    Wow i guess the food he prepared his gf was just as bad as the food in his crappy restaurants…
    Also, I am sorry but if you are such an “awesome slut” what are you doing with a crocs-wearing coke-head like the busted chef?? I also like that she still had unprotected sex with him after he admitted his whole life was a lie…”i also don’t have herpes, he said.” What a dumb woman.

  • awesome slut

    thank you for linking. i also want it to be known that he’s now claiming he’s a CIO working in IT – so it’s not all just food/chef related. be careful.

  • Question

    Awesomeslut, a.k.a. “Pukey Suzuki” is Selena Leong, yes?

  • disgustedbydk

    Seriously, the police need to be called. He needs to just go to jail already where he can’t prey on anyone else. He’s disgusting! I hope he rots!