Cross Country Skiing in Brooklyn Heights

A CNN iReport comes from Brooklyn Heights:

hispeed48, a law student in Brooklyn Heights, New York, says he was able to ski two city blocks. His girlfriend shot this video shortly after midnight Sunday. ‘I had a lot of fun. The roads were empty and I was able to make several runs down that street. The wind was incredible because that street terminates at the East River where the wind blows very strong almost every day.’ He said he could hear some people giggling when they saw him on skis.
– dsashin, CNN iReport producer

Watch video after the jump.

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  • Caroline

    I saw two XC skiers in the neighborhood yesterday, one on the Promenade and one in Brooklyn Bridge Park. (I was on snowshoes; not quite as exciting.)

  • Jim in MN

    Those are downhill skis. His heels are fixed to the ski. No wonder he only went two blocks. Fair play to him for getting out there in it, nonetheless.

  • carlotta

    At last!! Someone who wasn’t kvetching!!