Limo Bumper (?) Found on Cranberry Street

Remember the white limo spun out and blocking Middagh Street yesterday?  Looks like BHB reader Mitch has located what appears to be its bumper a block away at Cranberry and Hicks.

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  • Parris

    It probaly was torn off by the snow removers

  • Jimmy R.

    Someone obviously ripped it off and walked away with it, because it was in tact on the car yesterday

  • nabeguy

    Someone previously posted that 4 people tore it off and toted it up to Hicks and Cranberry. Don’t know who they were, but it only took them a block to say to themselves :what the heck am I going to do with this thing?”

  • Homer Fink

    btw willow street still not plowed, nope on cranberry too

  • David on Middagh

    It was four high school or college-age boys, one carrying a sled with metal runners. The bumper/panel was partly separated already, and one of boys ripped it off the rest of the way.