The Top 10 Most Read Brooklyn Heights Blog Posts of 2011

Looking back on the Top 10 most read stories of 2011 on BHB, you can say that the year was a long, strange trip indeed. Here they are the 10 most read stories on our site in 2011:

10. A Sneak Peek into Bevacco – BHB reader Chris Folin gave us our first glimpse into Bevacco [60 Henry Street] back in September.

9. Local Eatery, Oh My Pasta, Opens This Weekend – In August we previewed Oh My Pasta, the new Italian restaurant at 142 Montague Street.

8. Bubby’s in DUMBO DOH’d – In July, Bubby’s in DUMBO ran afoul of the Department of Health.

7. 3 Watchtower Properties on the Block – In August the Watchtower placed 2 Columbia Heights and one Orange Street property up for sale.

6. Irene Takes Out Mansion House Elm – “Hurricane” Irene hit Brooklyn Heights in August. The neighborhood lost many trees during the storm, most notably the legendary and controversial Mansion House Elm.

5. Bevacco Lifts the Corner of Cranberry Curse – Karl Junkersfeld’s visit to Bevacco during its opening week got tongues wagging about the new Henry Street eatery.

4. Hope Reichbach, Levin’s Communications Director, Found Dead in Apartment – The tragic loss of Ms. Reichbach stunned the local community.

3. Verizon Union Members Terrorize Montague Street Residents – While Verizon and the Communication Workers of America duked it out this summer during contract negotiations, some Montague Street residents begged workers demonstrating in front of the Verizon store there to just simmah downna.

2. Colonie Restaurant Opens with a Bang – After a successful Kickstarter campaign to gain initial financing, Colonie opened for business at 127 Atlantic Avenue in February.

1. Brooklyn Heights in Path of Hurricane Irene – All things Irene related were well read with this post topping the lot.

What were your favorite stories? What topics were the most important to you in 2011?

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  • AEB

    Ah, eateries and peril of several kinds!

    For me, the hurricane coverage was tops: did exactly what such reporting should do. It was more than “useful news, however; it linked our community in the most supportive way.

  • harumph

    agreed – hurricane reporting was great – also appreciative that there was something posted right away with the earthquake (odd few weeks there this summer!!)

  • tb

    Ha.. That hurricane photo above was AFTER the car that was underneath the tree drove away. No damage. Loved that.

  • Eddyenergizer

    But what are the numbers, how many people read the posts?

    And what about the most commented on posts?

  • princess

    I thought the new professional theater company in Brooklyn Heights, Theater 2020 “Visions for a New Millennium, and the Muslim/Hindi themed “Romeo and Juliet” along with the recent Holiday events, were the best stories! But…I may be a little bit biased. :)

  • Jorale-man

    I liked to read the Occupy WS posts and then sit and stew in anger in my lazy boy recliner, preferably with a six-pack of Stroh’s on hand.

    Kidding… The posts about the local restaurant scene were always interesting. And your coverage of Brooklyn Bridge Park development has been essential reading throughout the year.