A Sneak Peek Inside Bevacco at 60 Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights

Chris Fohlin (@cfohlin) tweets us this photo inside the soon-to-open Bevacco at 60 Henry Street. Looks like a comfy bistro setting much like the new owner’s other establishments.

High hopes for the eatery are warranted as Peter Sclafani (aka a guy with a clue) is behind it. He already runs three successful – and good – restaurants in Park Slope and Gowanus: Bar Toto, Provini and Bar Tano. Karl Junkersfeld filed a video report back in January about what we can expect at the Henry Street restaurant.

Most importantly, will Bevacco break the dreaded “Corner of Cranberry” curse?

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  • Josh G

    Looking forward to it!

  • MyMeMine

    for a while now, i’ve noticed the light fixtures visible just above the paper in the windows. and yesterday i walked by, and noticed the opened door, and peaked inside (i was tempted, but i didn’t take a pic).

    i had no prior knowledge of what this place would be, but my first thought was “schiller’s” — and i was thrilled. i gotta say, the interior is definitely my kinda place. so then i looked around on the web, and found this blog posting. in all honesty, i’m kinda disappointed that it’s going to be italian. :-( it’s not that i don’t like italian food, but there’s already so much of it around.

    i’m not gonna play “why couldn’t it have been ______ ?” because, really, you can fill that blank with “anything but italian”.

    ehn — well, at least it’s not another drug store……… :-/

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    @MeMyMine, don’t worry, if this is half as good as Bar Toto (one of his other places), it’ll be the best Italian spot in the neighborhood, hands down. Really excited for this place to open up.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    I’ll play “why couldn’t it have been ______ ?” with you.

    Why couldn’t it have been a WINE BAR…remember when everyone was excited that Vineapple was supposed to be a wine bar, with it’s clearly misleading name? What a disappointment that place turned into.

  • PeterB

    Speaking of Italian, has anyone tried Al Mar yet (down where the Brooklyn General Store used to be)? Going there tonight for the first time, would love to hear some feedback if possible, thanks.

  • AEB

    All digits crossed…..

  • Andrew Porter

    I am totally disappointed, nay, dismayed, that this is not a cell phone store or real estate place. We have way too many of those on Montague Street, and nary a one in the North Heights.

    And BH remains without a single bait & tackle shop, I hastily point out.

  • David on Middagh

    Andy, ol’ chum, why don’t we open one? With an adult section in the back (as that is also missing from the Heights). We could call it “Bait & Switch”.

  • Historian

    Noodle Pudding is so good and so popular. It is always packed. Henry’s End does pretty well too. You would think the Heights could support another nice restaurant in a nice space. The succession of bad places on the corner of Cranberry has been pretty remarkable. Does anybody have any theories about all the failures?

  • shamrock

    @Historian, my guess would be the building’s management has something to do with all the failures.

    Hopefully Bevacco will be a success.

  • god

    Are those the chairs? They don’t look comfortable.

  • Cat

    @god, yeah, those chairs look flimsy and uncomfortable, and you can’t hang a handbag on the back. But here’s hoping for good food and success for the new restaurant.

  • Kcgrace

    We love AlMar. Foods great and staff friendly.The menu changes often according to what’s available. We eat there regularly.

  • Wrennie

    This appears to have a decidedly downtown-slash-not-Midwestern-Olive-Garden feel to it…I’ll definitely give it a shot once it opens.

  • EHinBH

    Space looks too large, but that is their problem (how to fill). SO glad to have a new place. Hope it’s good and best of luck to them!

  • Nick BC

    Had dinner at Bevacco last night. Excellent food and really nice wait staff. The space is gorgeous–just what the Heights needs. And the prices are very reasonable. The anitpasto de la casa was enormous–easily shared by two or three people–and only $12. Wines by the glass started at around $8. We’ll definitely be back.