Bevacco in Brooklyn Heights Lifts Corner of Cranberry Curse [Video]

Our Karl Junkersfeld is such a man about town that the owners of Bevacco [60 Henry Street] invited him to attend their “soft opening” Thursday night. Karl’s kvelling and saying that the notorious Corner of Cranberry is no longer cursed. This…is a good thing. His video report after the jump.

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  • EHinBH

    Was the food good? Doesnt look spectacular – must say. The pasta looks very thick. I wish them the best – I hope it is great; you cant tell anything from video – have to try it. I’m glad something new is here. We went to Oh My Pasta tonight. It was HORRIFFIC. They have someone that brings random people in off the street. So, it was filled with a very odd grouping. It was also the loudest place I have ever ate. The pasta was ok. I dont understand how people reviewed it saying it was ‘really good.’ It was on par with La Traviata. Won’t be back. Cant wait to try this new place.

  • AEB

    Could be BH’s first “happening” restaurant with food meant for people who…know food.

    We’ll see.

  • Matthew Parker

    Thank you Mr. Junkersfeld, my interested is now piqued.

  • Amanda C.

    Looks lovely! Wish the shots of the food had been lit better, though. I think that would have helped the dishes appear a bit more appetizing. Reading the descriptions helped pique my interest. Will definitely check it out.

    Just a little bummed to find it’s another Italian restaurant. We already have the excellent Noodle Pudding right down the block, and there are two less-fine-but-not-completely-terrible Italian places on Montague (I in fact really like a few things at Buon Gusto).

    I would have loved to have seen the space taken by a nice, serviceable French bistro, a la L’Express on Park Ave South. Or even another option like Jack the Horse, which is great but has a rather limited, unchanging menu.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    Your comment about the shots of food are entirely correct. Because of the dim lighting (great for atmosphere, terrible for photography) my photos don’t reflect accurately the dishes at our table. EHinBH, please don’t judge the food by my shots. I had to lighten them up a bit and unfortunately it distorts the subject.

    In the humble opinion of this reporter, the food was great. That seemed to be the consensus of our entire table of 6. I’m sure once Bevacco opens to the public, there will be no shortage of reviewers here on the Brooklyn Heights Blog. It is a big restaurant and like any other new establishment, it will take time to get the service coordinated. Judging from Pietro’s other restaurants, my guess is service will be excellent in time.

  • AEB

    Amanda, Italian food is the shortest distance between two points, so to speak, a pre-sold.

    The Heights is, unfortunately, not a place for a French restaurant (whatever one may mean by that these days).

  • AEB

    I know, me. Down with “art food,” and all its trappings! Self-regarding hors d’oeuvrerie…

  • harumph

    That first shot of the lamb ragu made my stomach turn…the pasta looks fat and gummy and the chunks of meat – well…bleh. This video is doing the opposite of making me want to run out to try this place. Each plate looks sloppy and bizarre.

  • Livingston

    Talk about nattering nabobs of negativity… Looks like everyone wants to be a restaurant critic — and you haven’t even tried the food yet, which is usually the prerequisite for the job.

  • Y

    I would like to know what restaurants the nattering nabobs of negativity are usually frequenting that are so outrageously excellent that nothing else compares to them.

    The lamb ragout caught my eye and cant wait to try it.

  • Jorale-man

    It’s worth noting that food is not easy to photograph or capture on video and the images you see in magazines or the Food Network are heavily airbrushed and carefully lit. The armchair restaurant critics might keep that in mind before giving their pronouncements.

    In any case, it’s good to see Henry really evolving as a restaurant row these days. I walked up there last night around 7:30 and it was bustling by Heights standards.

  • Eddyenergizer

    I agree, the Lamb looks good (adjusting for the camera) and unadorned.

  • Cat

    @AEB, I think Colonie is already a “happening” restaurant with food meant for those who know food.

  • AEB

    Ooops, Cat, forgot about Colonie. I should get my bony posterior there and check it out….

  • EHinBH

    Yes, Colonie is great — a real chef works there. Jack the Horse is very good and Noodle Pudding is a good place to grab some food in a familiar setting, but it is not excellent. Chip Shop makes darn good fish & chips. But we mostly grab a taxi to the City for dinner on the weekends or meet up in the City after work to eat during the week. Would rather go to Odeon any day over any place here. When Five Guys is in the rotation as one of the better tasting places of where to go in The Heights, you know the restaurant selection is a bummer.

  • David on Middagh

    Let us hope there will always be people with high standards, and making enough money to insist on those standards, so that the art of eating well won’t be forgotten!

    /prefers after-hours salad bars at half-off

  • philica

    Is it BYOB or is Yellow Tail wine actually on the wine list?

  • wrennie

    Philica, I had the same exact question.

    I’ll still try the place because the atmosphere looks great…I wasn’t particularly interested in the particular dishes shown here, though…was the menu extensive?

    I want to clone the owners and chef of Colonie and have them make a whole bunch of similar places (not necessarily menu-wise, because you just need one of each–but their general theory of food and design…I’m in love) in the area.

  • shamrock

    As Jorale-man stated above, food is definitely one of the more difficult things to photograph, not to mention, I doubt Mr. Junkersfeld has an unlimited budget for such projects. I personally like the video, found the food and ambiance to be rather enticing and undoubtedly will try Bevacco. It helps to know too that the owner has a proven track record (or so I’m told). Hope the restaurant succeeds, tired of looking at the empty space.

  • harumph

    Colonie is opening another restaurant – another venture – in Dumbo. Sorry, but after many attempts to enjoy food here in the heights (Colonie is an exception) we are more than dubious – and the photographic evidence, whether well photographed or not, does not lead me to want to try the place any faster. We go to the city or Cobble Hill/Carrol Gardens for good meals – but let me be clear – would have NO PROBLEM whatsoever staying in the hood for a good meal. If only…

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I did my best to provide a peak of what one can expect from a visit to Bevacco. Actual attendance will be the best barometer. Hope to bump into harumph there chowing away.

    My budget is limited. Zero. Just me and my mediocre camcorder with my limited skill.

    Good question about the wine. The food was free but a request was made to bring your own wine and some cash to compensate the waiters. A reasonable request may I add.

    It was truly a fun evening. By the way, Bill de Blasio was in attendance and we all know Marty would have been there except for the Jewish holidays. Marty is never one to pass up a good meal.

  • Knight

    Please make no apologies, Karl. I seriously doubt that the New York Times would have done a better job.

  • EHinBH

    The video was great – I dont think anyone is saying otherwise. I think we all appreciate the time and effort that goes into keeping up this blog. Keep up the good work, as it is appreciated.

  • harumph

    @Karl Junkersfeld, I second EHinBH – I have nothing against the video. I very much enjoy all your videos – my comments were solely re the food.

  • eg

    Why is this video private? How am I supposed to see it? HELP!!

  • Nick BC

    Thanks for posting the video. The place looks spectacular–exactly the sort of place that the Heights needs more of. So looking forward to their opening. Does anyone know when that might be?

  • Melissa

    Looking forward to giving Bevacco a chance and have to add that atmosphere aside, the food at Oh My Pasta is very good. My husband I almost always used to walk to Cobble Hill or Carroll Gardens for anything to eat and we are happy to have a place close by that is good. Give it a chance. Maybe try it for takeout. Agree that the person outside with menus is a bad idea.

  • Funny1

    I will never ever ever ever eat at this new restaurant!! How dare they try and make good food in this neighborhood. They should be ashamed of themselves offering us a new choice in the area…Who do they think they are? Can you Believe this…people with a good track record trying to make another restaurant work? People who have good intentions?!!!They come into this neighborhood and design a nice atmosphere on a corner that hasn’t had anything decent in years! What are they thinking?

    You are all nuts!

  • CrankyOne

    Looks nice. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Rose

    Ate there tonight. The menu and the food leaves much to be desired. The music was loud, and the pasta was just so-so.
    Hope they get it together. It’s a nice looking place and the service was good.