Bevacco in Brooklyn Heights Lifts Corner of Cranberry Curse [Video]

Our Karl Junkersfeld is such a man about town that the owners of Bevacco [60 Henry Street] invited him to attend their “soft opening” Thursday night. Karl’s kvelling and saying that the notorious Corner of Cranberry is no longer cursed. This…is a good thing. His video report after the jump.

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  • Knight

    It’s funny, Rose. A few days ago, Karl J. and EHinBH reviewed the place on “Open Thread Wednesday.” Karl thought the service was perfect. EH said the waiter was terrible (in all caps!). I guess it all depends on which night one goes! Before I venture over, I would like to hear more about the food from people who have actually eaten there.

  • Arch Stanton

    Sounds like it’s a bit premature to call the curse “lifted”

  • Beth

    It’s a spectacular interior, not at all dark. Pasta is the best thing on the menu of generally very good food. Friendly staff, too. But a simple dinner (appetizer, main course, glass of wine, coffee and dessert) for 2 will set you back about $100, and for that price, there’s no excuse for the bumbling, inept service.

  • Rose

    Pasta at Oh My Pasta wins, hands down. It’s fresh and tasty. I’ve eaten there twice already. Bevacca’s pasta was like play dough. I grew up on pasta, so I think I know the difference.

  • Bob

    Just curious:not many recent comments about this new restaurant.

    Is the idea to give the new place time to work out the kinks?

  • Rob Runi

    Too bad this restaurant is in the dreaded tenement building known as “The Cranlyn.” This building is full of roaches, leaks, mold, sporadic heat and hot water outages and crumbling walls, I cannot imagine that this restaurant won’t be touched by the disrepair of the building.

  • Diane

    Our family has been to Bevacco three times, and we loved it. The scallops tempura are excellent as well as the lobster ravioli. A sampling of our children’s homemade pasta has been delicious, and so obviously homemade. The fish special on one of our visits was a bronzino. It was very fresh, simple and light. We will certainly return.

  • zburch

    My husband and I ate at Bevacco over the weekend. The interior is well designed and lively(aka loud for old-timers). We liked the atmosphere, and the service. It was personable and prompt. The food was very good, esp for the neighborhood. I had a skate soup with black squid ink paste that was really good. The flavors were well balanced. It was so nice to try something that wasn’t the same old thing you get in every other Italian restaurant. My husband had the rabbit, which he loved. I hope the succeed!

  • Rose

    Ate there Christmas Eve, 2 spinach ravioli cost $18. That was an entree not and appetizer.My partner had a delicious dish of pasta with lobster for $20.00. Manager said the chef was under a lot of pressure. What’s that got to do with the ravioli? It would have filled a cavity if I was hungry.

  • Victor Rivera

    The breakfast here tasted really bad and over priced for overly cooked eggs, will try the lunch and dinner in the near future to see how it works out as far as breakfast goes rather go to a small diner within the heights that makes breakfast just right and for only a few bucks.