Accessible Pedestrian Signals coming to Brooklyn

As reported in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, accessible pedestrian signals will be installed at a number of major intersections throughout Brooklyn to make the streets easier and safer for seniors and people with visual impairments.  Notably, many of these devices will be in the downtown Brooklyn area.  Perhaps of most relevance to the BHB community, there will be an accessible pedestrian signal installed at the corner of Court Street and Montague Street.

In Brooklyn, the intersections to get these devices will be:
• The Adams Street Pedestrian Crossing, mid-block between Fulton and Johnson streets.
• Nevins and Fulton streets at Flatbush Avenue, the eastern end of the busy Fulton Mall.
• Adams Street/Boerum Place and Livingston Streets, another very wide intersection.
• Adams Street and Atlantic Avenue.
• Bedford Avenue between Avenue I and Campus Road, near Brooklyn College.
• Court and Montague streets, a high-volume intersection near the courthouse complex.
• Adams and Fulton Streets, the western end of the Fulton Mall.

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  • Gary VanderPutten

    Desparately needed at Old Fulton and BQE and Old Fulton and Furman

  • T.K. Small

    It should have been mentioned that this new equipment is being installed by the NYC Department of Transportation. Below is a link explaining how people can request further installations.

    Gary: I would agree with your locations and add the intersection of Atlantic Avenue near the BQE on-ramp.

  • Peter

    I agree some intersections are dangerous to cross,but most Pedestrian do not wait for green lights anyway. I think the elderly will benefit so not a total loss.