Video of Vineapple, the New Hangout in Brooklyn Heights?

Karl Junkersfeld ventured out to the brand spankin’ new Vineapple [71 Pineapple Street] this afternoon and filed a video report. Video after the jump.

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  • lorenzo

    all the haters opened this week…this feels like a scene from parks and rec community meeting.. if you’ve ever opened a business in your life you’d know it ain’t easy.. yeah i’m talkin to you jen

  • Kate

    @lorenzo I have a few things I want to say about Laura Linney.

    Also is this establishment cash only?

  • Jen

    Ha — I’m hardly a “hater.” I thought this thread was for sharing our opinions about a new neighborhood business. I personally won’t be paying $3.50 again for less than 12 oz of coffee!


    Apparently Jen doesn’t realize that coffee bean prices are at 40 year high. Obviously a new coffee shop serving high quality beans is going to be able to absorb even less of that cost for the consumer, especially in a neighborhood with ridiculous landlords.

  • Jen

    Apparently CSTAN is overpaying for coffee. Stumptown beans are about $14/bag. I’m ALL FOR great new neighborhood places and don’t understand why I’m being attacked for complaining about ridiculously higgh prices for what amounted to a a cup of ice and about 10 oz of actual coffee.

  • promenadelover

    i’d call you a hater jen.

  • PJL

    Isn’t that pricing about on par with Starbucks?

  • David on Middagh

    Starbucks sometimes gives cheap (50 cent) refills on non-specialty drinks. I don’t remember whether iced coffee counts, or what the blackout hours are. But it would never hurt to ask if there is a refill deal (wherever you are) when you have plenty of perfectly good ice cubes still in the cup. Also, I’ve memorized the phrase, “Easy on the ice!”

  • Jen

    I think Starbucks’s “grande” iced size, which is the same as Vineapple’s “large” costs less than $3. Obviously Starbucks is pushing a mass-produced coffee rather than Vineapple’s Stumptown cold-brewed blah blah blah, but I still think $3.50 is outrageous and I won’t be buying that again.

    I am also fond of saying “light on the ice, please.”

  • JAFO

    If it was BYOB I might go.

  • Monty

    Cold-brewed generally requires double the beans of hot brewing.Iced americano is usually more economical.

  • gozno

    Jen– Actually the iced coffee sizes are just the same as other “reputable” establishments. Places that know what they are doing. Places that don’t use you months old beans and coffee flavorings. For example: Pedlar, Iris, Joe’s, Gimme, etc…

    If you appreciate good coffee check out Vineapple. If you’re accustomed to quantity over quality, just hit up the local Starbucks and go for that 32 oz, 1000 cal Frappuccino that you’re craving.

  • lameguy

    While this place might be perfect for a coffee klatch, it appears that Jen, CSTAN and gonzo would rather have a coffee clash….

  • WillowtownCop

    Perhaps this isn’t the venue, but I had the best iced coffee I’ve ever had at Blue Bottle in Williamsburg the other day. It was probably 12 oz.

    My only complaint was they don’t have lids, presumably because they have to be green for me, like the obnoxious toy store on Montague street where you can’t get a bag in the pouring rain for a gift because “we’re bagless!” (I’ll never shop there again.) Dry cleaning being so much better for the environment than a damn lid, of course.

  • Linda

    I am sooooo happy that you mentioned the kids store on Montague that proudly announces that they are “bagless”. I thought to myself, “are you kidding me?” Is that supposed to be a plus?
    I would never shop in that store.

    As for the coffee clash, sometimes we only get one chance to make a good impression whether it be a new restaurant, store, etc. If I want a good cup of coffee, I make it myself.


    Considering there’s only one complaining person out of 45 comments and they appear to favor Starbucks or a ridiculous subway ride into Manhattan, I think Vineapple is in good shape.

  • 60pineapple

    I took a look inside today and the staff advised me the beautiful old door was removed by order of landmarks. Such a shame.

  • Just A Neighbor

    Hit Vineapple today, the staff was very nice and the coffee superb. Later hours and a full bar are on their way..have patience and please give these folks a kind welcome to the ‘hood.

  • promenadelover

    coffee really was so good. this is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood. very impressed with the way the owner made the place look.

    also, looks like they do private parties. walked by today and there was an event going on inside.

  • GHB

    I went by around noon hoping to get the iced coffee that’s been eliciting raves. Closed for a private party! Not a good idea for a new place around lunchtime on Sunday. Went back later for the iced coffee, but it was nothing special. Oh well, I should cut back on caffeine anyway…

  • kipped

    @GHB – Same here. I stopped by around 11:30am, excited for my first Vineapple experience, and was turned away. Closing for a private party on your first open weekend — during prime coffee-craving and crossword-completing hours — does not seem like a smart way to drum up neighborhood patrons. But alas, I and my crossword will try again… eventually.

  • Bonnie

    Ive lived in this neighborhood for 15 years and I am always thrilled to welcome a new business. Cant say I love with vineapple so far but I am certainly willing to give them a chanve. Coffee was good but, but bagels and muffins just so so at best. Tazza can be a little crazy at times but the baked goods that they carry along with the amazing scones that are now baked in house cant be beat in this neighborhood. I think there is room for everyone and there doesnt always have to be mean spirited comparisons. I bet none of you have ever tried to open a restaurant. When you do, you wouldnt want to be on the receiving end of this bunch!

  • hicks-ter

    Another plus for Vineapple is that it seems like a great place to settle in with a laptop … and pretty much the only place in the vicinity for doing so.

    Definitely still working out the kinks though. Stopped in this morning for coffee and a scone, but scones and muffins hadn’t been delivered yet. If they’re not there by 9:30 a.m., kind of defeats the purpose of selling breakfast-y food, no?

  • Homer Fink

    btw – they’re supposed to have wine and longer hours starting today…