Video of Vineapple, the New Hangout in Brooklyn Heights?

Karl Junkersfeld ventured out to the brand spankin’ new Vineapple [71 Pineapple Street] this afternoon and filed a video report. Video after the jump.

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  • jennifer

    wow! this place really looks amazing. SO excited for it to be a part of my daily routine.

  • kipped

    So excited about this! Please please please let it live up to my hopes and dreams for a neighborhood coffee hangout that’s not Starbucks and has more comfortable seating than Tazza.

  • Lou

    They close at 6pm… Like every day… I hope thats a temporary thing otherwise its crazy.

  • AEB

    Baked goods look delsh. Fingers crossed!

  • Tom

    My wife and I were excited to give it a shot last night and went over at 7:30…only to find out that they close EVERY DAY at 6pm. What’s the story there? Exactly who are they catering to with those hours?

  • Jen

    Not impressed with Vineapple so far. The decor is lacking. The “large” iced coffee was the size of a medium in just about every other coffee shop, was filled with WAY too much ice, and cost $3.50. The coffee itself was ok but definitely not worth the price. I also got a tiny chocolate chip cookie which was $1.50 and just ok. I believe a similar cookie costs 75 cents at Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea.

    My husband tried to chat with the woman at the counter who was helping us and welcome them to the ‘hood but she was more interested in checking her Facebook.

    I would love to have a great new coffee place in the neighborhood (Tazza stinks) and hope this place gets their act together.

  • philica

    Nice job on this video… loved the first image of your “closer look.” (Ha ha.) I also smiled when you mentioned the Mexican restaurant that used to be there. Eons ago, when I was a student at PS8, our Spanish teacher took the class there for a Mexican lunch. The place looks really nice… hope they get enough business to support the hours they are open…

  • nabeguy

    Wan’t this supposed to be a wine bar, hence the oh-so-cute name? What up with that? Ad 6:30 for a closing? Are they trying to compete with Plymouth on the corner for by seeing how little money they can make in one shift?

  • jennifer

    i went in and had a delicious coffee today and met the very nice staff. i asked about the hours also and they said that they will definitely be extending hours soon but would like to start by getting their feet on the ground and develop a relationship with the neighborhood. sounds fair to me. i disagree on the “okay” decor. i think the design and warmth of the place is just fabulous! kudos to vineapple!

  • Tom

    @Jennifer, thanks for the info on the extended hours.

    So is it supposed to be a wine bar or a coffee shop? BHB originally reported it as a new wine bar (which of course drew excitement), but maybe they were wrong.

  • harumph

    Yes, in agreement with @Tom, I’m confused by the video as well…the name itself implies Wine will be served. Does anyone know?

  • Heightser

    I’m guessing they are waiting for their permit to come through.

  • jennifer

    sounded to me like they would be a cafe with the added option of wine in beer in the coming weeks. i think the “wine bar” may be confusing cause of the name.

    excited for a nice glass of white wine in the summertime!

  • philica

    In the video he said they also serve wine and beer…. didn’t he?

  • Wrennie

    I’m keeping an open mind on this place, despite the fact that its seeming attempt to be all things to all people is chipping away at its ambiance and reputation and general feel. I’m just not sure I’ll ever get to go, considering the hours. (@nabeguy–nice call on Plymouth. That place doesn’t even stay open during its posted hours, usually.)

  • Nancy

    Considering the always surly staff at Tazza, the people here were very friendly. I have resigned myself to overpaying for baked goods here; If I want a place around the corner, not in Chelsea, where I don’t live, then this will be it for me

  • Andrew Porter

    I suspect the hours will go later when the construction of the building next door is finished. Ambience of being next to the world’s slowest moving construction project—75 Clinton was started more than a year later, is 20 times as big, and is already selling apts—definitely hurts the place.

  • ABC

    They announced from the beginning that they would only be open til 6 (and I assume later, later on).

    That’s why it was laughable when people went all Brooklyn Heights on them when they said they’d be child-friendly. “No kids in my wine bar!” “Um, they close at 6.” “I hate kids! Stop with the kids!”

    The only thing that said wine bar was the Brooklyn Heights Blog — not the press release that was included in that story which was pretty clear.

  • michael

    I went in there after reading the comments. The one quip I will agree with was the portion size of the iced coffee. I would definitely like to see larger iced drinks. The decor seemed like a work in progress. The place was cozy, and I think the space will evolve. The staff was friendly and said that they will be extending hours, but their relationship with neighbors was really important. It didn’t seem like they had any desire to stay open very late, but I think the six o’clock closing time will be short lived. They have a license to serve beer and wine, and there were stocked bottles of wine, but no wine glasses yet. It also looked like they were installing a draught beer tap in the back counter. I am definitely keeping my eye on this place. I nice little coffee shop in the morning and wine bar after work would be amazing.

  • harumph

    so I just went in – yes, they will have activities (for children) and evening activities (ie: wine tasting). a little bit of everything for everyone…nice staff -odd space, but very pleasant

  • jeffrey

    This place is just lovely. The owner was so sweet (and not too bad to look at) – the layout is awesome and the coffee is deliciouso. i give it a big fat two thumbs up!

  • jakeheights

    i agree. and they’re open later than Iris cafe on Columbia street in the heights so they are looking good in my book.

  • promenadelover

    good coffee. huge space. friendly staff. pretty owner. i’m in.

  • Claude Scales

    ABC: I recall (though I now can’t find a copy) that the press release from which I quoted in my earlier post included (in a portion which I didn’t quote verbatim) the words “wine bar.” In any event, the portion of the press release that I did quote in my post said Vineapple would serve wine, as well as beer.

  • Heightsman

    Is it me or does Tazza on Clark Street smell terrible inside? I’ll eat the sweets but I ain’t stayin for the stink.

  • Monty

    I’m a fan of Tazza and I think they serve a different niche. They are definitely aiming for more of a restaurant vibe with coffee and treats as a to-go option. Vineapple is more of a cafe/lounge. I think that like the ill-fated Tea Lounge, they can successfully cater to both families and adults by doing coffee and kids events during the day and wine and shmoozing at night.

  • Knight

    Heightsman: It’s not you! I think the smell is coming from the basement. I’m wondering if the subway somehow vents into it.

  • gozno

    Went in on opening day… Coffee is the best you can get in Northern Heights (or Dumbo for that matter). Cranberry’s, Tazza, Plymouth and Starbucks don’t even compare. They didn’t have any baked goods ready when I stopped by in the morning.

    People complaining about coffee sizes should stop whining. The sizes are the same as any other reputable coffee shop in Manhattan/Brooklyn.

    If you want a 32oz iced coffee stick with Starbucks and 7eleven

  • Alanna

    hoping they stay open past 6pm! I’d love to have a new place to stop for a glass of vino on the way home from work but there’s no way I’d get there by 6pm.

    Best of luck to them!

  • Jen

    The iced coffee sizes are NOT the same size as “any other reputable coffee shop”.