Open Thread Wednesday 5/14/08

What’s happenin’ in your head this week?

BHA House Tour!

Paddlewheeler Festival!!

Farewell Microsoft Portrait Store thingy, we hardly knew ye

Spill on Aisle 5

… and whatever else is on your mind…comment away!

Flickr photo by moshimoshitoshi

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  • HDEB

    Get rid of your car and ride a bike!

  • Jo

    Any updates on Tazza? Would love to know if they are coming to Clark St.

  • CJP

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent about Key Food. Last week managed to spend 25 minutes in there taking care of three chores: returning bottles, buying half-a-pound of ham and then waiting on the checkout line to pay for the ham.

    The cash-register people seem to move at glacial speed completely oblivious to the lines of people waiting to pay.

    I’m sure your advice is to shop elsewhere. I’ll take it. thanks for listening.

  • yo

    freshdirect for most groceries, and garden of eden for anything else….works like a charm – and no dealing with dirty, slow key food

  • Matt

    I woke up Tuesday morning to find a film crew outside my apartment on Columbia Place. Seems to be a short film, possibly called The Bicycle Ride(r). Everyone seemed really nice on the crew, and I’m curious what will come of it.

    These are the same people that were filming on Willow Pl on Mothers Day around 11am.

  • .

    anyone know the distance of that lap around cadman plaza park?

  • HDEB

    About 0.45 mile as per “”

  • bhbabe

    A big shout out to the folks at Seaport Flowers! For Mother’s Day I got some seedlings that had been planted in a paper cup. I went to Seaport this evening to buy a flower pot & maybe some dirt to replant the seeds, and the woman GAVE me the flower pot & dirt without accepting any payment! Thanks, Seaport, I will certainly be back again and again. Go shop at Seaport Flowers, everyone!!! :)

  • CJP

    Matt— Regarding the movie. I saw them too. They had some kind of contraption on wheels that they were pushing with the bicycle attached.

    Funny thing is I was walking up Willow, past that building that goes overboard, and I mean overboard on Halloween that has crazy decorations. Well outside on Tuesday morning there were candles and flowers and a crowd standing outside. I thought someone had been murdered or died in some horrible oh-so-New York-manner because of the candles and flowers. A couple of people in the crowd told me it was part of the movie set.

    Interestingly on Saturday I saw a movie being filmed just off of Willow further down the block using an old black checker cab. Not sure if was the same people.

    Interestingly this movie looked like a big “low budget” movie. The reason I say that is while they had a lot of people, they didn’t have much in the way of trucks, lighting, gear or caterers. We’ve all seen big budget movies shooting in and around Brookyn and when the crowd from Law and Order comes in you know they’re making something big.

    Wish them all well though. They seemed like a nice bunch!

  • bornhere

    Can someone recommend a painter/contractor-lite who is reliable, an ace painter/plasterer, and able to navigate minor renovations?

  • bornhere

    Thanks, Sue.

  • nabeguy

    Bornhere, since you seem to be familiar with the BPL photo archives, go to it and type in Bohack and check out the 6th picture down. It only seems like yesterday…

  • bornhere

    Yes, nabe! I did that a few weeks ago. And it does seem like only yesterday. On Saturday, I walked down Love Lane to Hicks and, for whatever reason, the “back door” to Bohack’s came to mind. Remember the College Place entrance? (Isn’t it thunderously neat to wax nostalgic on BPL?) And an old wood box with the Bohack name just sold for oodles on Ebay. Who’d have thought …

  • nabeguy

    Sure do remember that entrance. Back when stores didn’t concern themselves with someone sneaking out of it with 1/2 the stock.

  • Monty

    I’m fairly certain that was not a movie being filmed, but rather a photo shoot for a Kohl’s catalog. I spotted the bicycle people on Willow the other day and saw the same folks by the promenade off of Montague today. There was blond girl and an older blond woman wearing nice sweaters and having their pictures taken. There was a truck nearby filled with boxes labeled “Kohl’s”.