Funky Lil Heights Pad Features Salvaged Gristedes Artifact, No Word on Freshness of Milk, Produce

photo: design sponge

Design Sponge visits pals in a 300 square foot Brooklyn Heights apartment and uncovers some nifty things including an aisle sign from our friendly neighborhood Gristedes:

Design Sponge: My friends Dave and Abi are junk collector connoisseurs. Dave prowls the streets every trash night looking for treasures other people didn’t want. I don’t think he’s ever come to my house without something in hand he would find on the walk over. Their collection spans from old hand-painted signs and mannequin heads to vintage pinball games and anatomical school charts. On every visit to his house I marvel at the new piece they’ve added to their collection and we stand around shaking our heads- I can’t believe someone threw that out. Their apt is only a 300 sq ft studio in a fancy Brooklyn Heights building.

Photo: design sponge

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