FYI: Community Board Meeting Today

For those who are interested, Community Board 2, which serves Brooklyn Heights (and a few other neighborhoods), will have their monthly meeting at 6pm today. It will be in the basement cafeteria of the Muhlenberg Residence, a 201-unit dwelling for low income, homeless, housing needy, and community people, at 510 Atlantic Avenue (GMAP). Call (718)-596-5410 for more info.

Community Board meetings are open to the public, so if you would like to say your peace, or see Democracy In Action, or just got nothin to do, drop in on the fun! Don’t know much about community boards? There’s helpful information at and Gotham Gazette.

Sidebar: the Community Board 2 website is quite lame when compared to Community Board 6 and Community Board 9. Discuss.

Update: According to Brownstoner, CB2 may be pulling a “Jon Crow” — by stopping the issuing of new liquor licenses in certain “over-saturated” areas. One of those areas: Atlantic Avenue near Henry Street. I kid you not:

District Manager Robert Perris told us his board plans to stop issuing new liquor licenses in certain areas where residents feel over-saturated with noisy bars. As a compromise, the board would suggest either a beer and wine license or an early closing time.

Note: Nothing has been decided, and the community board will be discussing the issue at tonight’s meeting. However, having spent a fair amount of time on that stretch of Atlantic Avenue, I have to say the noisiest aspect of that area is the traffic. It’s a major thoroughfare, the bars are all spaced apart, the restaurants aren’t open that late, and the craziest crowds can be found late Saturday or Sunday morning at Floyd when there is a particularly compelling soccer match. Given all the empty storefronts collecting dust instead of rent in that area of Atlantic, does the community board really want to place further restrictions?

Has The War On Fun begun?

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  • BklynJace

    “Democracy in action”? I think “nothin to do” would be a better description.

    Hang around in a basement listening to cat ladies, tinfoil-hat crazies and stupid-gone-to-college socialists debate what toothless advisory they should issue to annoy their neighbors who actually have lives? No thanks — I’m quite sure an eternity of such meetings awaits me in Hell.

    Agree with you about the war on fun, though. How about we launch the war on community boards?

  • Andrew

    If you don’t go to the CB meetings, then they will continue to be dominated by the anti-fun crowd. (on the other hand, wouldn’t everyone prefer to be out having fun than at the CB meeting?)

    Given all the vacant commercial space in the Heights (on Atlantic, on Henry, on Montague), perhaps the neighborhood should be giving away liquor licenses or coming up with some other gimmick to encourage businesses to open in the neighborhood.

  • Homer Fink

    Starting these things at 6pm insures only shut ins will attend, no?

  • T.K. Small

    Obviously great minds run in the same gutter! When I logged onto the BHB this afternoon it was my intention to inform people about the upcoming community board meeting. At the last meeting I went and made an argument that they had a very crappy website. After the meeting, the chair of the community board got so angry at me that he stormed away without finishing our conversation. It really was not my intention to be that obnoxious, but I guess I have an untapped dysfunctional resource. I will report back about my experience tonight.

    But I have to say Homer, your remark about “shut-ins” is a bit ableist. Since I’m going to the meeting tonight, by your definition I guess I am a shut-in. This type of language is getting a little too close to such terms as “cripple” “gimp” “retard” and “vegetable”, all of which you would agree are unacceptable.

    When would you rather have the meeting scheduled for? Certainly not the weekend. If people typically get off work around five o’clock, that gives them an hour to get there. At the last meeting, a number of people came in a few minutes late and they did not miss much.

    Who else will be there tonight?

  • Homer Fink

    7pm would be acceptable. And TK, not for nuthin’ but I think you get around more than most folks!

  • ht

    community board stuff is always going to be dominated by the malcontents and people with nothing better to do. it’s the nature of local government. people with actual lives don’t have time or inclination to get involved. the only hope is that they don’t do too much damage.

  • PJL

    What a joke! Magnetic Field just closed… how many bars does that leave? Guess we need more real estate broker offices and cell phone stores so Atlantic Ave. can be dead at night like Montague Street now is…. Nightlife would keep the area vibrant (and safer).


    One of the many unfortunates who work well past 5pm….