84th Precinct Police Blotter – 12/30/10

HQ is allegedly returning to the crime beat next week but that didn’t stop freaks, misfits, skells and malcontents from crimin’ in Brooklyn Heights this week.
From the Brooklyn Eagle’s Journal of Neighborhood Malfeasance come reports of:

A man leading the thug life lifted a 49 year old woman’s bag at the corner of Clark Street and Columbia Heights on December 23. According to the report, he tapped her on the shoulder, she stopped and he made off with $120 in cash and her BlackBerry.

Four scumbags “cornered” a 45 year old man in broad daylight – 3:20pm – on December 20 at the High Street station’s Cadman Plaza East exit. The hit him and took his shopping bag.

In the “early morning hours” of December 18, a woman’s bag was stolen from the floor of Montero’s Bar and Grill on Atlantic Avenue. The purloiner snagged, and later used, the vic’s credit and debit cards according to police.

And from Courier Life comes a jewelery heist. Let’s just say in the underbelly of society where thieving slime thrive the phrase “let me see that” is usually tantamount to announcing, “I would like to steal that item from you.” So when a “customer” walked into a “jewelery store on State Street near Court Street” asking to “take a look” at a pair of $30K earrings, it’s no shock to that he grabbed ’em and ran. But he’ll look lovely in the cellblock sporting that bling, eh?

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  • lori

    No police blotter last week? Nothing happened? BHP didn’t have one either.