DSNY invades the Heights or Is Your Street Plowed Yet?

In the last 15 minutes I saw snowplows and/or salters on Joralemon, Schermerhorn, Atlantic and State Streets, making a fevered effort to finish up street clearing (my taxi driver said the Mayor had promised every street would be clear by 7 AM tomorrow. Most streets in the South Heights look fairly clear, which should be good news to everyone EXCEPT the people whose parked cars are now solidly packed in by 4-5 foot walls of snow.

Is your street plowed yet? Comment away!

BHB Photo Club pic by aloucha

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  • trokenmatt

    My street (Tiffany Place) is not plowed yet. Streets nearby (Henry Street) are not plowed yet. The mayor and his sanitation chief are two faced liars and I’d say it to their faces.

  • CFB

    While Sidney Place was plowed again (at 5:30 this AM), Aitken Place was apparently missed.

  • Resident

    CFB, that is exactly why it was stupid for Bloomberg to make a pledge that all streets would be plowed by a specific deadline. All it takes is one or two streets to be missed by a driver on an assigned route, and you have a failure. You would think after 10 years in office and all those years running a business empire, he would know it’s stupid to make promises when failure will be so easy to flaunt.

    I don’t really hold a small number of un-plowed blocks at 7 a.m. against him. The city’s lack of preparedness and his condescending attitude after the earliest complaints, however, I I do. I have never been fond of the mayor, and I don’t expect my mind will change in the next two years.

  • Gimpy

    Resident, “a small number of unplowed blocks”??? you don’t get out much, do you? I’m in Park Slope, where we were still unplowed long after his supposed deadline, and I have no doubt that in the poorer neighborhoods that is still the case.

  • Resident

    Yes, gimpy, a small number. Small is a relative term, and when compared to the extreme number of city blocks that need to and have been plowed, the number of unplowed blocks is small. Every block I passed today has been plowed, in fact they were all plowed yesterday.

    And you know what, in heavy snowfalls, it sometimes takes time. Preparation was lacking for this storm, and I understand it’s frustrating, but I’m not going to blame Bloomberg for failing to meet some arbitrary deadline. Instead, I’m going to say it was stupid for setting an arbitrary deadline in the first place.

    As an aside, I hope your block gets plowed soon, if it hasn’t already.

  • PJL

    Not a small number for Day 5, in my opinion….

  • T.K. Small

    Whether there are still streets that need to be plowed is not really the issue. On many levels government has failed in their commitment to public service. I think it is much more complex than one single reason why this whole thing went so badly. Many people have the perception that Manhattan is receiving better services than the rest of the city. That is simply wrong. Is E 77th St. an arterial road? Just this afternoon I learned from a member of the City Hall press corps next scandal that hit the airwaves is that a little tertiary Street in Staten Island was plowed because that’s where the Commissioner of Sanitation lives.

  • Tim N.

    Heights looking better, but I was in Boerum Hill this morning and it’s still a mess down there. Drove a block of Sackett Street on what looked to be 3-4 inches of packed-down snow… fun…

  • eg

    Pls remember that officials in gov’t, that have to be up and around, should get their streets plowed so they can do their job after a crippling snowstorm.