Name That Storm

Homer called last February’s storm “Snowpocalypse”, a name that has been used for the recent event by Melissa Whitworth, the Brooklyn resident New York correspondent for Britain’s The Telegraph. Meanwhile, Gothamist has come up with “Blizzageddon”. Any other suggestions? (Mine would be Gale, but that dates me.)

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  • Topham Beauclerk

    I propose Mamie.

  • Doug Biviano

    NYC’S Katria; Bloomberg’s Brownie Moment

    This is by Gary Tilzer on his blog. Gary’s a long time political reformer who ran my campaigns.

  • http://aol Jeff

    I propose “aggravation” because it certainly aggravated a lot of people.

  • my2cents

    Brain Lehrer suggested “Snowtorious BIG” and I can’t find anything better than that!

  • bornhere


  • PJL


  • Resident

    We’re really going to compare a blizzard to the greatest natural disaster to strike the U.S. in at least a generation? Have we lost all sense of reality, that we think this storm is even in the same realm as one that cost nearly 2000 lives and $81 Billion in damages? Not only is it ridiculous, it’s downright insulting those citizens along the gulf coast whose lives were so shaken up that they’re still feeling the effects 5 years later.

    I like Snowtorious BIG as well.

  • TS McGee


  • AEB


  • SMK

    Yulebedonewith… yulelapaloza

  • x

    The Missing Snowplow Scandal

  • nabeguy

    This storm certainly has people in a tizzard. This is definitely not a situation that can be swept away with a Broomberg. And Claude, given the response of the Department of Sanitation, you probably should amend your moniker to Doherty Gale.