84th Precinct Police Blotter – 12/9/10

Another week, another blotter and more reasons to lament the fact that “it’s sick out there and getting sicker!” Ok, it didn’t seem that busy last week. Our Heather Quinlan is “on assignment” so here are a couple of items to stoke your paranoia from the local papers:

The Brooklyn Paper’s Police Blotter reports that a thug weaseled his way into an apartment on Hicks Street between Pierrepont and Montague on November 29. The resident told cops that he was picking up his daughter at school when the crime occurred. Must have been a hipster bandit as the only items reported stolen were a MacBook and iPod.

Hey, remember last week’s Blotter? Yeah, those were the days, eh? You know back when a Key Food check out gal was nabbed by police for allegedly swiping a customer’s wallet and then going totally medieval on said customer when confronted about the crime? Guess what? That sort of thing is not limited to such downmarket venues. Our pals at the B’Paper report that an employee of the tony Almondine Bakery in DUMBO is the “lead suspect” in the smurfing of a purse there on December 2. Much like the Key Food incident, the vic left her bag behind at the bakery and returned when she realized what she had done. As these things go, the bag was missing. And check it out y’all — just like the Key Food imbroglio, surveillance footage showed an employee taking the pocketbook.

And finally, also courtesy of Thomas “Don’t Call Me Tommy, My Name is Thomas” Tracy’s Brooklyn Paper/Community Newsgroup/ Courier Life blotter comes the tale of stolen credit cards in the North Heights. Oy to the vey folks, hasn’t this area seen enough shenanigans when it comes to stolen credit cards? Just sayin’. Anyhoo — on November 29, an area resident told police that her credit cards had been stolen. While the location of the crime is a mystery, she immediately reported them missing when she learned that one of the cards was used by the skell to buy $60 in gas at a local fillin’ station.

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  • Publius

    I like when Homer gets all Bklyn Heights ghetto. It’s like dat c’yall.

  • Andrew Porter

    “weaseled”? “smurfing”? I think Homer has been reading too much Damon Runyon. Yeah, dat’s da ticket, doncha know…