84th Precinct Police Blotter 12/1/10

Miss Heather Quinlan is on “assignment” this month so your intrepid publisher will be driving the police blotter paddy wagon for the next few weeks. This week’s blotter features a report about a mendacious, felonious and disturbed cashier at a local grocery store and “more”!
Now, the day before Thanksgiving is a mad house at most supermarkets and last Wednesday was no exception at the Atlantic Avenue Key Food. And you gotta say, there’s really nothing like a little sociopathic cashier to really add to your pre-holiday anxiety. According to published reports a 53 year old woman mistakenly left her wallet at one of the store’s registers. When she returned to retrieve it, she asked the cashier Shakera Boomer, 21, if she had seen it. Yes, you’re thinking Shakera, those hips don’t lie so it’s all good right? Yeah, no. Ms. Boomer denied taking the wallet. However, when store security showed her a surveillance of her pocketing the wallet, Ms. Boomer lived up to her name (last one at least) and socked the wallet’s owner in the face. The wallet was returned and Ms. Boomer was taken into custody by the NYPD.

What’s up with wallets? This account from the Brooklyn Eagle’s Journal of Neighborhood Malfeasance:

Only after receiving a call from her bank about unusual activity on her account did a local woman notice that her wallet was missing from her bag. The 22-year-old victim left her bag in her office on Livingston Street near Boerum Place when she ran to lunch on Tuesday, Nov. 16. Police said she didn’t notice anything was missing until a 7 p.m. phone call alerting her to unauthorized purchases made at a gas station.

And here’s just an account of one of the many crimes at the Fulton Mall this week from the Brooklyn Paper:

A thug attacked a 13-year-old girl on the Fulton Mall on Nov. 27, taking her cellphone. The victim said that she was outside the Strawberry boutique between Elm Place and Bond Street at 2:17 pm when the hooligan threw her against the wall and plucked the phone from her pocket.

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  • lori

    It seems like the current economy is bringing us back to the crime wave of the 1970s. Sad to see.

  • Bklyner

    Ugh Themis just sounds like a normal week in NYC dude. Not a ‘crime wave’. Thats just a bit extreme

  • nabeguy

    So you’re saying that the cashier, when confronted with video evidence of her crime, actually punched the victim in the face? Given her stupidity at committing the act in full view of a security camera, shouldn’t she have punched herself in the face instead? Truly a “d’oh” moment.

  • jon purcell

    Who edits this blog. Who ever it is they should be replaced.

    BROOKLYN HEIGHTS – A supermarket cashier allegedly punched a woman after being confronted for allegedly stealing her wallet. When the 53-year-old victim’s wallet went missing at the register at Key Food on Atlantic Avenue, she asked the cashier, Shakera Boomer, 21, if she knew where it was. Though Boomer claimed not to have seen the wallet, police said, video surveillance revealed otherwise. Police said Boomer was later arrested, and the wallet was returned.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Yo, Jon. You got something against Homer’s Breslinesque style?

  • nabeguy

    I think Jon’s angling for the job…and I’m sure Homer would gladly give it to him, except for the fact that his verbiage is about as exciting as Joe Friday’s. Jon, this is the BHB…”just the facts” just doesn’t cut it.