84th Precinct Police Blotter – 10/26/10

bugleblotter-300x1711 A rash of incidents on Montague Street threaten to turn Brooklyn Heights into Escape From New York. It’s this week’s blotter.

I don’t have additional info yet on the Radio Shack robbery but the reports that came in showed a definite uptick in the amount of criminal activity in the Heights last week, specifically on Montague Street. I asked Crime Analysis what they do in a case where there’s a potential pattern, and was told they map the incidents and send out staff to do the investigating. Detectives were inside Radio Shack this morning, but while they’re in the neighborhood they also might want to take a look at a couple different hot spots.

First on the list in Ann Taylor Loft, site of a cargo pant raid last May. This time, an unidentified perp stole a cache of t-shirts and cardigans from a display table on Friday afternoon, to the tune of $1,860.

Two hours later at 160 Montague, four suspects stole $3,750 worth of property from the AT&T store’s display table.

Earlier in the week, another AT&T store on Fulton street was cleared of property totaling $2,197. This time there were two suspects, but no description available.

Two cash registers were stolen on Montague Street last week as well. The first was Taze; the superintendent let in the exterminator Tuesday morning and after they left, the staff noticed the cash register and $2,100 was gone.

Three days later, Lantern’s register was stolen along with $450.

An elderly man on Sidney Place became an assault and robbery victim, after a man asked to use his bathroom. After he was let inside, the man followed his victim to the bedroom, punched him in the stomach and stole $3,700.

Further proving that nothing’s sacred, a wallet with $20 was stolen last Sunday after a service at Plymouth Church.

On Saturday morning, a man fell asleep on a southbound F train. When he awoke at the Jay Street station, he saw that his pocket had been cut open and wallet stolen.

Early Friday morning on Bergen Street, a man noticed his front door was open. Upon further investigation, he saw his iPod and $150 was missing, and a black nylon glove sitting on his porch. There were also prying marks on his window.

Finally, a man who has power of attorney over his elderly aunts noticed “plenty of unusual activities” in their bank account. Turns out someone was forging checks totaling $19,900. And that’s this week’s blotter.

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  • Demonter

    Where do people learn that stealing other people’s property is a worthwhile venture? It’s a matter of time until they get caught and sent is prison. Criminality is downwardly mobile socially, spiritually and economically.
    Karma is the law of moral causation.

    What is the cause of Karma?
    Ignorance (avijja), or not knowing things as they truly are, is the chief cause of Karma.

  • cat

    Sorry to hear about so many businesses being robbed. Economy goes south, crime goes up.

    Also, ’tis the season? Halloween? I saw some smashed pumpkins on Joralemon Street this morning, which made me wonder if the pre-Halloween hoodlums are now loose in the neighborhood. Then was on Montague and saw the cops at Radio Shack–much worse than hoodlums.

  • cat

    ^^Not the cops; the armed robbery is worse than hoodlums, of course.

  • ccc

    I don’t usually read the 84th Precinct Police Blotter and I find this weeks to be insane. Is it like this every week?

  • Obama?

    Disturbing to see so much crime on Montague, one of the very few streets in Brooklyn Heights that used to have some police presence.

    Is anyone else concerned about our basically cop-less Brooklyn Heights?

  • Howard Beale

    The area’s become the Wild West. We are overrun with all manner of lawlessness with the police doing little, if the reports I’ve been hearing from our neighbors are to be believed, if anything. It’s too bad the detectives have so much mess to clean up. In the spring, one neighbor observed two wheels being stolen from a car and ran over to two officers who were nearby giving a parking ticket to another car. The police told him they were busy and couldn’t respond to what he was telling them about the theft in progress around the corner. A month later, another neighbor’s car had the wheels stolen. Car windows get smashed all too often. Another neighbor was recently alerted by an observant fellow citizen that a man driving an out-of-state vehicle kept driving by his car and then got out and took pictures of it from every angle. Apparently it’s a highly targeted for theft vehicle (one that is no longer parked on the street). The only law enforcement action I’ve heard of lately is that cars are being ticketed for the most arcane and unheard of offenses. Sadly, my faith in law enforcement to serve and protect is waning. Priorities need to be reordered. Maybe patrolling and responding to a crime in progress should trump giving a parking ticket. Happily, my gratitude to helpful community members is intact.

  • Howard Beale

    PS And most importantly, I am hoping no one got injured in the most recent robbery on Montague Street; am thankful that the bulk of the other thefts did not involve personal injury; and am appalled and saddened that our elderly community members have been subjected to assault and thefts.

  • nabeguy

    Howard, the Wild West? My hyperbole radar just went into overdrive.
    Yes, there has been an uptick in certain types of crimes in the neighborhood, but if I’m reading the blotter correctly, they seem to be restricted to a small opportunistic group of criminals repeating a pattern. As for the armed robbery of the Radio Shack today, I smell an inside job.

  • Demonter

    Gravesend has a private security firm that patrols the neighborhood around the clock. Beekman Place in Manhattan has private security as well. Brooklyn Heights is a crime magnet-a soft target-private security is a viable answer. Landlords and business owners are taking the initiative in Brooklyn:

  • Arch Stanton

    @ Howard Beal, Are you saying “I’m sick and tired and just can’t take it anymore”?

  • Johny

    Witnessed 3 teenagers running from Barney’s on Atlantic with lots of merchandises with them and … 2 people from Barney’s running and yelling after them…

    It was last Sunday afternoon, plenty of people in the street, even a traffic cop nearby, it happens so fast, nobody was able to get them…