RadioShack Robbed

Police are responding to an apparent armed robbery at the RadioShack at 110 Montague St.  Initial reports are that two males wearing UPS uniforms robbed the store at gunpoint and fled in a delivery van.

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  • Heights Mom

    Wow, can you please keep us updated? I can guarantee you that these guys did not work for UPS but the bigger question is where did they get the uniforms and the van. Was it a UPS van or other kind of van?

  • Heightsman

    What would RadioShack have to steal out of the register? A few hundred bucks and some cell phones? Seems silly.

  • lifer

    I cant be sure but I believe they have been held up before

  • Lady Montague

    what time did this happen? can’t find anything else in the news about it. I think it was also rumored to be fake ups delivery guys who broke into separate residences at 62 Montague twice two weeks ago.

  • WillowtownCop

    What makes you all think they were FAKE UPS drivers?

  • Atlantically

    I’m thinking FedEx is in the midst of a pretty smart marketing campaign.

  • Remsen

    The UPS driver that delivers on Remsen is absolutely fantastic.

  • bklyn20

    I think it’s not hard to buy clothes in dark brown from a utility/uniform designer, and someone skilled with a sewing machine can make a patch. This is why I check IDs VERY CLOSELY when a new ConEd/National Grid reader comes to the door. As for faking a UPS truck –perhaps not so simple. Was was the delivery van the standard UPS type?

  • william

    Ha, moonlighting on the job. Christmas is coming.

  • George Earl

    Maybe we’ve reached the point socially where all store owners ought to be right there with loaded guns. We as a society are just plain “under-punishing” those who steal.

  • Soulman

    Earl George – If we are “under-punishing” those who steal, why does the US have more people in jail per capita than almost every other nation? Let’s have the minimum wage store employees blast away at all suspicious UPS drivers. Yeah, that’s the ticket! And I bet you can see Russia from Brooklyn Heights too.