Highway to Hail in Brooklyn Heights

Holy Jeebus!  How ’bout that hail storm tonight?  We took the Brooklyn Bugle FlipCam out to our stoop to shoot this video of tonight’s storm.

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  • AEB

    What the hail! (Sorry!) The second hail attack in several weeks!

    Clearly BH has offended Zeus, who, I believe, was in his downtime god of thunderbolts.

  • my2cents

    ‘Twas quite a tempest!

  • http://www.richardcarey.net Chard

    Dang, there goes another ‘brella!

  • tb

    That’s exactly the same thing as what I saw when I looked out my window!!!!

  • lori

    As fascinating as it was to watch from the stoop, it took us one hour to shop-vac the cellar, clear leaves from the back yard drain and to open up the courtyard drain. There was a river running south down Columbia Hts – there was just too much rain too soon for the sewers to handle it.

  • grrlgeniusbk

    It was quite insane, fast & furious and left a lot of bizarre nuts on our stoop.

  • bkgal

    Might as well leave your camera by the window, I’m sure mother nature will throw another one at us again.

  • http://brownstones@gmail.com Bill Harris

    You were not alone, Brooklyn Heights. Boerum Hill to your south and east
    also received punishment as hail, heavy rain, plunging temperature overwhelmed our so-easily-overwhelmable street drainage. How big was this thing, really, and what do you call it? Microburst?