Open Thread Wednesday 3/19/08


Start talking about:

New tree guards hits nabe

Cobble Hill clamps down on street drinking

Armando's R.I.P.

2 weekends left for Magnetic Field 

Moonstruck House: still too pricey? Or do we just fear death?

Replacement mail carrier wreaks havoc 

… and whatever else is on your mind!

Photo by Homer Fink

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  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    Ms. Stools – the Long Island Restaurant is closed temporarily as the owner is taking care of a sick relative.

    What I want to know is who is buying Magnetic Field.

  • sh

    I’m looking for a dressmaker to make some major alterations to my grandmother’s dress so that I can wear it for my summer wedding. The dress has significant sentimental value, so I need someone who won’t ruin it beyond repair. Any recommendations?

  • cranberry

    did anyone notice the bloody white feathers all over the street and peoples stoops last week on cranberry? It stretched from columbia heights to hicks..i thought it was a little odd.