Magnetic Field: 3 Weekends Left

There are 3 weekends left for fun at Magnetic Field [97 Atlantic Avenue] before it shuts down forever at the end of the month.

The fun starts tonight with the final Live Band Karaoke featuring Bunnie England and the New Originals. Plus it's Katharine and Forest's Birthday!

Tomorrow night (3/15), former MF bartender/man of the world/upstairs neighbor Jonah Eller Isaacs performs. Also on the bill The 5th featuring Live Band Karoke's Steve Reynolds with Joe Savastano.

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  • Billy Reno

    Aye! ‘Twas a magical night indeed!

  • CJP

    And while we’re speaking about closings… isn’t tonight the last night for Armando’s?

    And before we reignite the debate over why there aren’t any good places to eat on Montague, anyone know why VitalDent and the Greek cosmetic place are taking so long to open?

    I’m also curious about plans for the space where the cleaners used to be on Montague, I believe under/next to the Japanese restaurant. Also 72 Clark… what’s happening there? And any bets as to what will come in where Bank of New York used to be?