Says it all.

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  • Claude Scales

    Firstme: your experience and mine are nearly identical. I’ve lived in the Heights since 1983, and only ate at Armando’s once. It was three or four years ago; my wife had gone there for a drink with freinds, and called me to join them. By the time I got there, everyone had decided to stay for dinner, so I also put in an order. I had a decent but uninspiring saltimbocca alla Romana. The atmosphere wasn’t either uplifting or depressing, and the service OK. Just a basic, mediocre neighborhood restaurant with a chummy bar scene.

    Nevertheless, there’s something about a place like Armando’s that transcends the quality of its food or atmosphere, that makes one glad it’s there (and miss it when it’s gone) even if one hardly ever goes in. Check the post by Jeremiah Moss that’s linked to Homer’s post just above this one.

  • anonymous

    As you said, Gone Baby Gone.

    Looking forward to what will move in there, hopefully much better then Armandos.

  • anon

    I cannot imagine that anything could be much worse than armando’s. I hate the sign too. Tacky.

  • CJP

    I’m delighted to be among the first to sing Armando’s praises. I realize I’m in the minority in visitors to this blog but the place always seemed pretty busy whenever I went there, admittedly on Saturday or Sunday nights. I ate there probably once every 3 or 4 months, on average, with friends, visiting family members, my wife and son and for “special occasions.”

    I always found the food to be reliable, delicious and above average. The price points for food and beverages were a little too high for me to make it a regular place like Traviata or any of the Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood, but whenever I ate there I really enjoyed what I had.

    I liked the old feel of the place. It was real. If I remember correctly wasn’t there some kind of a fire about a decade or so ago that forced a renovation?

    Armando’s will be missed. People have told me that Queen is a good alternative, but the 2 or 3 times I’ve been there over the years the menu or the place never really grabbed me. Maybe I should expand my range and head over to Court Street, but frankly I feel as though if I’m going to walk to Court I’m walking all the way to Smith Street!

    Only time Armando’s ever ticked me off was on a holiday (possibly Mother’s Day) when they rolled out a “special menu.” Essentially what it was was a stripped down regular menu with far fewer choices and jacked up prices. Not sure if that’s standard in the restaurant industry but it had the effect of making me avoid the place on holidays for fear I’d get another “special menu.”

    I’ll say it again. Armando’s you’ll be missed. My wife liked the soft-shell crab, in season, I liked the sole and chicken marsalla and those potato croquettes.

    As for the sign? Sorry guys. You close a restaurant, you lose the sign. Pull the plug I say.

    I’ve got an open mind about “the Saucy Pickle” or whatever it’s called. But Armando’s let me say “thanks for the good food and professional service over the years!”