Last Meal at Armando’s

Blogger Jeremiah Moss ate his final Armando's meal this weekend as the restaurant closed for good and shut off its lobster sign forever last night (3/16): 


Jeremiah's Vanishing: Armando's: My last (and first) meal at Armando's 72-year-old restaurant in Brooklyn Heights was enjoyed this weekend beneath a water-damaged portrait of Marilyn Monroe, one-time habitue of the place, back when Arthur Miller lived in the neighborhood and the two were falling in love. The Brooklyn Dodgers drank here. So did Norman Mailer. But beginning in the mid-1990s, with an influx of chain stores to Montague Street, Armando's began to feel the pinch.

Photo: Jeremiah Moss

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  • Tim N.

    Jeremiah’s a little scary, but he writes a good (if a little depressing) blog.

  • The Internets

    Wrong. Armando’s began to feel the pinch when their food starting tasting like a cheap diner. I ate there once and never went back. 10 bucks for 4 raviolis that look like they came out of a weight watchers frozen meal? What a loss to the culture….

  • maria B

    actually the 90s were our best years there…and we never felt a pinch..and if our food wasn’t good we wouldn’t have operated a successful restaurant for 27 years. we retired we didn’t go out of business…get your facts straight. oh, and our ravioli was homemade.