Who is the Best Brooklyn Heights Dog Walker?

Flickr photo by paquartermaster
We know that Brooklyn Heights loves their pooches, heck some of them have better lives than many humans we know. "Happy Heights Resident" submits this to the BHB Inbox: 

The main reason I am writing is because me and the Mrs. are interested in getting a puppy. Of course rises the question of who will walk the puppy while we are at work? So the solution would be a dog walker, but apparently there so many to choice from, there's the Hungarian Pair, then Jenefer and Valerie, Ginger, Vala?………….So I was thinking wouldn't it be great if the Heights blog rated them with user comment?

So, who are the best dog walkers in Brooklyn Heights? Comment away!

Flickr photo by paquartermaster

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  • Remmy

    I can’t for the life of me understand why a “dog lover” would torture a dog by making it live in an apartment in a city. Please get a cat or a hamster instead.

  • FH

    We use a guy called Nicky..he is really great and takes good care of our little dog.

  • For Real

    Please use anybody but Amanda Trees. She’s Nuts!

  • GHB

    “Nothing grosses me out more than walking down the street to see some mutt assume the position and then the owner/walker pick it up.”
    Would you rather we left it for you to step in? There’s nothing cruel about having a dog in an apartment. I know lots of apartment dogs (mine included) who are happy, well adjusted and loving family members.

  • Homer Fink

    Let’s keep this thread ON TOPIC. It’s about dog walkers. Not about poop. Thanks.

  • yo

    we use mobile mutts and couldn’t be happier

  • http://enddogs.com enddogs




  • No Dogs

    Fortunately, dogs aren’t smart enough to know how unhappy they are.
    Whether they’re picked up after or not, it still leaves behind a residue that everyone else is forced to contend with.

    So, to stay on topic. Don’t get a dog and you won’t need to find out who is the best or worst dog walker.

  • enough

    I have been reading this blog for a while now and I must say that the people who comment are by far the most miserable people opn earth. You people are so negative, no matter whta the issue. I have been in the heights for 7 years and the neighborhood is very dog friendly. If you have a problem with dogs on the sidewalks, do yourself a favor and move to the suburbs. We don’t need you in the heights. For the record, Jenniffer Bruno walks my dog and he loves her.

  • elvisIII

    How much do you think a dog walker could make per week?

  • harry

    i’d like to second the comment by ‘enddogs’.

  • shedevil

    Enddog you should be removed from the gene pool

  • philip costes

    i think you can easily post an ad for somebody who doesn’t have money and they’ll walk your dog for you; brooklyn is full of them and i’ve had a lot of experience when i just dangle a little cash. mail me if you have any more questions (craigslist)

  • bklynchick

    I’ve been using Mobile Mutts for a year now and am really happy with them.

  • Happy Dog Happy Owner

    Well I guess to make Sloppy Stools happy I will stop cleaning up after my dog. Sloppy, please post again with your address so I can make sure to walk my pooch on your block. The same goes for Enddog, etc.

  • GoldenLab

    hey folks
    this is a great topic……i have had some interesting experiences with my golden lab. for a while i was with Ginger, aside from the fact that our doorman said that she was bringing people to our apartment, she also wasn’t taking the dog out for the hour we pay for, which wasn’t that big of a deal since Zippy loves her, but then she lost our keys, which was ok , but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Zippy was bitten by another one of her dogs……..not acceptable and she had all kinds for communication problems……….so steer clear of her, but we use mobile mutt , which is absolutely great also there are great reviews about the guy and gal team which are Hunargians apparently.

    also all you dog bashers, yes it’s not right to lock up a dog in an apartment but thats why we spend 25 bucks an hour for walks

  • http://enddogs.com enddogs

    thank you, harry. to elaborate: dogs are repulsive because they filthy our streets with their waste, both solid and liquid. sure, you can pick up the solid, but the sidewalks are streaked with the liquid. in a word: repulsive.

    as for the suburbs, don’t see how it would help. there’s probably even more dogs there. perhaps there’s a state or country with a high-pitched frequency that would keep dogs at bay. Nodoggia, or somesuch.

    until then, i will reluctantly go on living, but working toward my political agenda of a Dog Free NYC.

    btw: i lived in a building with the woman pictured above. our lobby smelled so foul every morning (from the assemblage of 20-25 wet dogs) one might have wretched in the lobby on the way to work.

  • Teddy

    A few weeks ago I saw a dog walker with 4 dogs. One of the dogs left “something” on the sidewalk and she saw it. However, she didn’t pick it up. I could have said something, but I didn’t want a dirty stare. I think dog walkers should only handle two dogs at a time, drop them off and pick up another two dogs for the next run. 4 or 5 dogs at once is too much for one person. As for dogs living in the city, I think dogs appreciate the smells, sounds and interaction they get from urban living, but more living space for them is always better so even with walks, a cramped apt. is not the best situation. Actually, for humans it’s not that great either, but we usually spend a much larger amount of our time outside the apt (mostly working) compared to our canine friends.

  • anon

    I think dogs do much better in apartments than children. Who would have children in a little city apartment? It’s cruel! Get a dog instead. They are smaller, do not need their own bedroom, will always love you, and won’t need expensive rehab after all those expensive years at St. Ann’s.

  • GHB

    anon…thanks! You made my day…

  • City Dog

    Czaba and Henriette (referred to elsewhere as the Hungarians) are the best!!!! By the way, if you read the post, the original question was “So, who are the best dog walkers in Brooklyn Heights?” There was no request for ill-informed comments about whether dogs should live in cities. Dogs are much better off in apartments than in pounds. And most of the waste I see littering our fair Brooklyn streets comes from humans (beer bottles, condom wrappers, etc.) not from dogs.

  • Ruby

    Henriette and Czaba are amazing! Our dog loves them. They are totally reliable, flexible, professional…and good looking too. :) They really make the dogs work on the walks and they walk further/longer than other walkers I’ve seen around.

    By the way, our dog walkers can certainly handle more than 2 dogs at a time. I’ve seen them in action. And, the dogs love hanging with a big pack.

  • anon

    two dogs are no fun for dogs, they like to be in packs. i think they like to be walked with other dogs better than by themselves, it’s a power thing, dogs are into power. as in: you gonna mess wid’us?

  • ABC

    can someone tell me what Mobile Mutts or Hungarians or Jennifer charges (and for what amount of time)? I need a new dogwalker

  • Ruby

    Henriette & Czaba charge $15 for 30 minutes and $20 for half an hour. However, if you pay for 30 minutes, that’s just the minimum amount of time the dog is walked. Often times, they walk the dog longer. If you definitely want 1 hour, then it’s $20.

  • Ruby

    What I meant to say was $15 for 30 minutes and $20 for 1 hour.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Charlie rules!

  • Teddy

    Ok, 4 or 5 dogs are fine if two dog walkers are sharing the load which is something I usually don’t see. It’s just that I’ve noticed lately that I had to be more careful where I step. Maybe a few negligent dog owners and not the dog walkers are responsible.

  • Joe

    Don’t have a dog so I don’t know who might be the best. However, I can take a stab of guessing who might be the most successful. The heavyset woman-don’t know her name. She has a huge collection of keys and she seems to have the largest packs of dogs. Sometimes I see several times a day and its a different pack.

    I’ve seen the hungarian couple around. They seem well organized and they seem to really like their charges.

  • Martina Fan

    I’ve been using Martina for the past two years and she’s the best.

    Reliable, loves the dogs, and she’s one of the few walkers who at your request will take your pride and joy to Hillside Dog Park for some protected off-leashed time rather than just a leashed walk. She also primarily does solo or two dog walks, not a huge pack.

    While at the Dog Run, Martina will actively engage the dog with a game of fetch the ball, rather than just let him sit there. I feel that the hour during the day that my boy gets out, exercised, and has some fun has helped him to be a calm, happy, and well-adjusted dog. I walk him and take him to Hillside at night. There’s no substitute, folks, for a dog–especially a City dog– to get lots of healthy off-leash time.

    I feel my baby boy gets some real exercise during the day with Martina rather than just being led around in a pack with other dogs to simply relieve himself.

    Martina is very dependable, responsive, and I’ve been able to have her come over in a pinch. She also does overnight pet sitting.

    She’s not the cheapest, but she’s among the best. I wouldn’t trust anyone else in my house and with my dog.

    She has a website at martinawalks.com