Who is the Best Brooklyn Heights Dog Walker?

Flickr photo by paquartermaster
We know that Brooklyn Heights loves their pooches, heck some of them have better lives than many humans we know. "Happy Heights Resident" submits this to the BHB Inbox: 

The main reason I am writing is because me and the Mrs. are interested in getting a puppy. Of course rises the question of who will walk the puppy while we are at work? So the solution would be a dog walker, but apparently there so many to choice from, there's the Hungarian Pair, then Jenefer and Valerie, Ginger, Vala?………….So I was thinking wouldn't it be great if the Heights blog rated them with user comment?

So, who are the best dog walkers in Brooklyn Heights? Comment away!

Flickr photo by paquartermaster

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  • To End Dogs

    Please take up another cause such as banning the Easter Bunny, or shutting down childrens’ day care centers because you don’t like the sound of happy kids walking down your block.

    Your ignorance is beyond astounding. The only explanation can be you were deprived of oxygen during a critical formative period.

    I fell sorry for your spouse.

  • CB Photography

    I no longer have a dog, but when I did two years ago, I used Bill, and he was fantastic. My berner Henry really loved him, and Bill was both reliable and very good with his canine wards.

    A friend uses Jennifer and thinks very highly of her.

    The comment about dogs being unhappy in apartments is too ludicrous to take seriously. Next!

  • Vaccinations

    To the person who sent in the email that prompted this thread:

    In case this is your first puppy, it’s critically important that the pup receive its full round of vaccines before it’s taken outside. Puppies die each year from Parvo and Leptosperosis and other bacteria and viruses because they are in a vulnerable and uprotected period between the protection they get from mother’s milk until at least 4 rounds of vaccines can almost guarantee they are properrly innoculated.

    I can tell you that in the past few years several puppies have died from Parvo and Lepto in the Heights area. It’s very serious.

    Many people get puppies at 8-12 weeks of age, but they should not be out of the house until 14-16 weeks. If you hire someone to check in on the puppy while you’re at work, instruct them not to take the puppy out. The housebraking must wait until after 14-16 weeks of age.

  • happyheightsresident

    wow…………thats some response, well yes to the person with the vaccinations post, i do completely agree, i have had previous dog experience so i do know the deal with puppies. however thanks for the info

    i think i am leaning towards the hunargian pair, they seem very up to snub, i have heard rumors about ginger, she lives not to far away from me and people in my place have had bad experiences with her and this just confirms it for me.

    thanks for all the advice and please to the Anti-Dog folks, come on some of our doggies are more behaved than most people, yes i will say that i do think dog owners should be more carefull about keeping our street sanitary, maybe the heights blog should start a section specifically for dog owners?

    thanks again

  • Homer Fink

    @HHR: We’re up for a regular pooch columnist. If anyone is interested let me know webmaster AT brooklynheightsblog.com

  • hoppy

    Those of us who have dogs or who have grown up with dogs appreciate what immeasurable value they’ve brought to our lives—something dog haters obviously haven’t experienced. A value best expressed by George G. Best, Esq. in his closing argument in the “Old Drum” case:


  • dog duty

    You can’t go wrong with Henriette and Czaba! Our dog has so much fun with them and we 100% trust them. They are very personable and professional.

  • kay d


  • cooper

    The best dogwalker in the heights is Jen Bruno.
    She has been walking my dog for over 8 years. Jen is ultra professional and reliable.
    She cares for each dog as if it were her own…with affection, playfulness and discipline (when needed).
    My dog and I love her! We are fortunate to have her in our lives.

  • spm

    A couple of comments:
    1. I’m a dog owner who always picks up after her dog but I’ve noticed a significant increase in un-picked up poop on both Remsen and Pierrepont Streets between Hicks and Montague Terrace/Pierrepont Place. Please pick up – it’s the law and we don’t want to tick our fellow residents off as well (I certainly don’t want to anger End Dogs or Sloppy Stools anymore than they already are!)

    2. Check on your dog walker no matter how well referenced and recommended they are. This means drop in unexpectedly when they’re supposed to pick up your dog so you can see they actually are doing that. If you’re in a doorman building, it’s easy to track. Have them sign in and out for the key and you can check on the time. Check with Tom at Perfect Paws about dog walkers – he’s very knowledgeable.

    I’ve heard good things about Henriette and Czaba as well as Violet. I use Charlie Gill who usually walks only small dogs. Of course we think he’s the best.

    There may be different charges if you want your dog walked solo (which I would recommend for a puppy until he/she has all their shots) or in a group.

    Good luck – it’s a great thing to own a dog.

  • Nigel

    Czaba and Henriette rock!

  • anon

    Henriette and Csaba are without a question the best. They work as a team and will not leave your dog tied up outside by itself while picking up/dropping off other dogs. There is always someone with the dogs.

    I heard good things about Charlie and John. Don’t deal with Jennifer (also referred above as the heavyset one) or Ginger. Stay away from Tailored Pet.

  • Matthew

    Martina housesits my dog when I’m away on business and a few times a week (I mostly work at home and walk the dog most days). She’s excellent and very reliable.

    She only does solo walks, or on occasion will take two dogs to the dog park together who know each other. My dog wouldn’t do well in a pack.

  • victoria

    can someone provide contact info for henriette & csaba (website, email,number, etc.?) and charlie and any of these other highly recommended walkers?

    on a separate note: i’m shocked and disgusted that so many of my neighbors here in that heights simply aren’t even mature enough to keep on topic on a webpost, and instead have to use anonymous monikers to bash others’ lifestyle choices that very minimally interfere with your own, much less helpless animals.

  • Andrea

    Does anyone know a good dog sitter. I dont like leaving my dog at a pound with hundreds of barking dogs. It freaks him out. We of course want someone reliable and caring in Brooklyn Heights.

  • Cody

    Martina lives in the Heights and she does dog sitting. She’s very reliable and caring.

  • WaterBoy

    My dog really enjoys the excitement of going the wrong way up one-way streets while being pulled along by a dogwalker on a Vespa.

    He also enjoys the tall blond (e) guy who lets him poop on the street.

  • http://www.dogdaywalkers.com Jim

    We use Chris from Dogday Dog Walkers (http://www.dogdaywalkers.com). He is dependable and is great with our large dogs!

  • Dave

    Can someone share contact information on Henriette and Csaba please?

  • Ben

    Hey – I also am really interested in finding Henriette and Czabo. If someone who knows how to reach them could contact me, on list or off, I would greatly appreciate it.


  • Ben

    Actually – it doesnt seem that there is any sort of link to enable people to contact each other from these posts. So, anyone who can help me find the hungarians, my email is: benbop04 AT yahoo dot com. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide in reaching this well reviewed team.

  • Leefamsince WWII

    Henriette and Czaba can usually be found at the Mansion House (145 Hicks) around 12 noon wkdays. (ask doorman)
    Charlie, John, Violet, Martina and Scott have Never been seen tying their ward outside a store while buying coffee, lunch, etc.

    Good luck to all folks looking for a reliable, conscientious, Dog-Walker who doesn’t do it as a part-time gig while he/she looks for something better. These folks work full time and care for their charges.
    *sorry for the “lecture” I’ve heard Stories from owners and dogwalkers alike that you wouldn’t believe!*

  • Mr Reeds

    On the surface, Ginger is an attentive and positive-minded walker. That’s probably what attracts clients to her. But having seen her on a daily basis for more than a year, I can say she’s actually an arrogant jerk who refuses to accept responsibility for problems. She may profess to “love” all of “her” dogs, but she thinks she’s the center of the world. She’s a real bitch, and I’d never leave my dog in her care.

  • http://toren Karl Junkersfeld

    I like to put in a word for our new neighborhood all inclusive pet store, Rocco and Jezebel on Pineapple Walk. They are new and owned by a neighborhood married couple and could probably use the new business since they are newly opened. If I am not mistaken, they handle all family pet needs including dog walking and any other thing you could think of when it comes to your dog or cat. We all know they have an excellent reputation for dog grooming, having retained the Tailored Pets tailoring team. I know they can also house dogs when you go on summer vacation. Anyway, they may be worth a call.


  • http://www.barklynheights.com JGreaves

    Another great dog walker and pet sitter is Christina who runs Barklyn Heights pet care. She is really friendly and easy to work with and most of all she treats my dogs with genuine kindness and affection that I really appreciate. I have used her as a dog sitter a few times also, and I’m pretty sure she takes care of cats too. My dogs Molly and Stella are definitely happier since I started using her and they are better behaved. If you want to contact her, her email is christina@barklynheights.com and she has a website too: http://www.barklynheights.com. I think she only covers Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill though.

  • http://www.brooklyndogwalker.com mollysmom

    We used alan from http://www.brooklyndogwalker.com, he was great always reliable, took good care of our boxer, She was much happier after her walks with him.