Monty Q’s Closed

A BHB tipster confirms that Monty Q's has been DOH'd

This just in from a BHB tipster:

Coming home from work, I saw a yellow “CLOSED” sign on Monty Q’s door.  Makes me sad, having had a nice yet very affordable pasta/pizza meal there last Friday night.  Not gourmet, just fast and tasty. I know there have been some DOH issues in the past — any idea what’s up?

Update: As confirmed by our BHB tipster and by the DOH website (finally updated today),  Monty Q’s has racked up 50 NYC Department of Health violation points.  We’ve said it before and we’ve said it again – the DOH is very aggressive with their inspections and a high number of violation points doesn’t mean death for an eatery.

Update 2: BHB’s Heather Quinlan reports that according to the restaurant, they’ll be reopening in “two days”.

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  • Arch Stanton

    I wonder if Zagat will start keeping tabs on the ABC rating system…
    Then we can have choices like: 21 A $$$ vs 23 B $$

    @harumph Thanks for the warning. I was going to give it a try but now, no way…

  • suzette

    Shouldn’t the owner George of Monty’s know better than to run his restaurant into the gground? Why blame it on the night staff? Nobody wants to see bugs on the tables…..I see it is open again….definitely will not be going back in there…
    Anybody know anything about Fatoosh?

  • PJL

    Last couple of times I ordered a pizza from there, it took over an hour for delivery (and the manager’s response was essentially: ‘we’re busy’ when I called and asked where my pizza was/why it was taking so long….); this is probably the last straw for me…

    Tried Reginella last night and delivery was quick, pizza was hot and pretty good… I recommend it.

  • Raisincat

    My friend received food poisoning from MontyQ’s, that place is terrible. I’m glad I’ve read this and now know to also avoid Lassen & Hennings!