Kids’ Stuff Open Thread

BHB photo by C. Scales

We’ve never really posted much about kids or parenting here but now that I’ve become Daddy Fink, that might change a little.  I know many parents read this site and I’d  love to hear from you in the comments below about best places to pick up essentials for baby (ie do you use or go to the store), activities, shopping etc.

Also are you a new parent in the neighborhood as well?  What are your questions?

Comment away!

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  • Monty

    Congratulations! is great. We just use CVS in a pinch for diapers/wipes and the like. Heights Kids on PIneapple has pretty good prices on stuff too and the staff are helpful. There’s yet another new kids place on Atlantic that opened just recently that I haven’t checked out yet. Harry Chapin is the best playground for babies (up to 3yo give or take). Pierrepont accommodates a wider range. PIer 1 also good for babies, but Pier 6 is mostly too big for kids under 2. Bubby’s is the best place to eat with kids, but most places have high chairs and Noodle Pudding has crayons and half-portions if you ask.

  • Homer Fink

    Thanks Monty, great tips.

    One note about the Henry Street CVS – we needed to pick up some 2oz bottles of similac to supplement in the short term so I called the store from the hospital to make sure they had it in stock. After 7 -8 attempts to get a human on the phone, I did. She said they didn’t stock it. The hospital gave us a 2 day supply so that helped get us through the coming home period. I stopped by Saturday and guess what CVS sells…yup 2oz similac.

  • HNGG

    Congrats Daddy Fink!!! We order diapers and formula from Heights Kids is great for the random things that you need when you want to get out of the house and buy stuff. Area Kids is good for gifts.

    For baby food: Key Food and Fairway both have pretty extensive baby food sections. I mostly buy organic fruit and vegetables at Trader Joe’s and make my own. Perelandra is overpriced. Our guy is not quite up to table food yet, but most restaurants have been accomodating with the stroller (and now a hook on high chair – which you should definitely buy) if you go early enough.

    Also – join the Brooklyn Heights Parents yahoo group and the bococa parents yahoo group – both have tons of great resources,

  • ABC

    CVS has all the formulas but always are out of one thing or another so it’s hard to count on.

    That said, I go to CVS more than any other store for baby stuff including prescriptions. Everyone complains about them — and I wouldn’t even consider calling them! — but I will fall on my knees and cry if they ever move away.

    The folks at Heights Kids are really nice.

    I prefer Amazon over

  • anon

    Congrats! is the BEST. fast, easy, and great prices on a large variety of items. Also, fresh direct is a really great option for baby food when the time comes (and adult food as your time becomes more and more limited).

  • nabeguy! Why the heck didn’t I think of that 9 years ago when I was making bi-weekly runs to Costco. Another couple of great resources are Bigelow’s for rental breast pumps and Cherry’s Pharmacy on 66th Street between 2nd and 3rd in the city for all things health-related to kids, which I had the (mis) fortune of discovering after my daughter’s recent appendectomy.

  • helloheights

    There is a great new kid’s store that just opened up on Atlantic btwn Henry and Hicks – Nest Egg Kids.

  • nabeguy

    Momma Fink. do you have a local pediatrician? They can probably help you join a group. I highly recommend Edna Pytlak, if you haven’t already chosen one.

  • nabeguy

    BTW, the M&M groups are really valuable. My daughter is still good friends with a girl she “met” at the age of 6 months. Nice neighborhood foundation for years to come.

  • AEB

    Congrats to both Finks! Boy? Girl?

  • nabeguy

    Mister and Mrs. Fink
    We’re all blessed by your link
    A mini version of you, all cuddly and pink
    Us posters may ponder
    Whether Homer’s mind won’t wander
    In his new role as bonder
    But enjoy the small moments
    and do what you do
    You always have Claude
    to take care of the zoo.

  • nabeguy

    BTW, I have a load of cast-offs if your special one happens to be of the female persuasion.

  • lois

    Congratulations! You have started on a wonderful journey. Good luck to all three of you.

  • Melissa

    Congratulations Mrs. (and Mr.) Fink! One of the best pieces of advice I got as a new mom almost 3 years ago was to visit the mom’s group at Families First. It’s a little walk over to their space in Cobble Hill but it is a very caring and supportive place where you’ll meet friendly, down-to-earth people. The group run by Maura is incredibly relaxing and helpful and their classes are more affordable than those in the Heights. .

  • anon

    Best piece of advice I got was “Embrace the chaos.”

    I look forward to more middle of the night posts as you get woken up and need something to do. Either that, or buy a swing, battery operated rocker and multiple pacifiers for the crib (if they lose one, they’ll find another before they start to scream too loudly).

    More importantly, go easy on the hard rock (at least at first). Laurie Berkner is the new Sex Pistols. Even Dan Zanes got infected.

  • daddy

    – – live by it. And use it when you travel as well; no need to pack a box of diapers, just have deliver to wherever you’re headed.

    – Heights Kids – the best. The folks who work there (and own it) have seen it all. They can answer any gear questions, will set up new strollers, will do repairs. Lifesavers.

    – Area Kids – yuck. It’s a “grandparents” store. Overpriced. Not a lot of useful items. Can barely get a stroller in or out of there.

  • Homer Fink

    @anon – middle of the night? i call it ‘afternoon’ … keep the suggestions coming folks, thanks!

    one “endorsement’ from me is Kid Car NYC who got us home from the hospital quietly and safely.. When was the last time you livery driver used the ‘cushion of air’? you know like in the driver’s ed films…

    they have car seats for all sizes of kids (who need ’em) and the only way you can use the service is if you have a child going somewhere… they’re manhattan based so brooklyn to manhattan trips are cool, but they don’t really do brooklyn to brooklyn…

  • Kerry

    There is a fantastic new mothers’ group at Dr. Silverblatt’s office (pediatrician on Henry St. opp. CVS). I joined when my son was two weeks old and am still friends with some of the families from the group (and that was six years ago). I highly recommend Dr. Silverblatt’s practice. Best of luck and embrace all of the new experiences.

  • Slyone

    I believe there is a mommy and me group held at Booklyn Dojo on Pineapple Walk (close to Heights kids). They’ve changed the days recently, but I think it’s still going. Farther away, but more longstanding, is GUMBO’s mommy and me program — down on Atlantic Ave, close to 3d Ave.

    Good luck!

  • Kim G

    Congratulations!!! I didn’t see a mention of Mommy Poppins NYC but it was a great resource for us ( when we were new ). Weekly listings of activities and family friendly to-do’s.

  • ClarknHenry

    To all you parents, Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts has a fantastic FamilyFun series: all tickets $6 in advance; $7 at the door! They had Tom Chapin last Sunday. FANTASTIC – AND from Brooklyn Heights; “The Colonial Nutcracker” is December 12; Seussical on January 30; The Loin The Witch and The Wardrobe on April 10 and Beauty and the Beast on May 22. All on Sundays at 2pm. AND ALL AT THE END OF THE 2 TRAIN!
    Check out the website:

  • tb

    Agree on the New Parents group at Dr. Silverblatt’s office.
    I still see the parents I met there 5 years ago. We are starting ps8 together… go figure.

  • kate

    Congratulations! There is a bunch of stuff going on for babies and Moms when you feel up to it. Here are a few things I have heard of since my baby arrived. You will probably meet a bunch of Moms out walking around with baby. Enjoy.
    Baby Bites puts on a bunch of events and was responsible for emailing Moms when babies were born and a new Mom was in the neighborhood, that way we had a list and could email and attempt a meeting.
    Stroller Strides on promenade

  • Monty

    I can second Dr Pytlak and the Brooklyn Dojo playgroup. There are so many new families in Brooklyn that you can make friends just sitting around Harry Chapin or visiting Heights Kids. The yahoo group is good also. I’m partial to, but if you are interested, Amazon has a promotion for baby stuff here I should also give shout outs to Heights Cafe, Tutt Cafe and Teresa’s for being very kid friendly. If I want to bring my little one to a restaurant I usually aim to go on the early side to beat crowds and not irritate the young adults enjoying their cocktails.

  • More Tips

    Also, sign up for the emails, and free coupons/checks on the Similac website, which are good in stores AND Costco (you will save beaucoup money). Have your parents and relatives sign up for the Similac coupons, too, at their address–you will need them more than you realize and you can sell the extras on eBay.

  • Tiffanie

    Congrats to the Finks! As a new parent myself, I’ve become a frequent user of Amazon’s new ‘mom’ club, as Monty mentioned. (btw, you don’t only have to be a mom to register) Free 2 day shipping on most baby products and they also do a ‘subscribe & save’ thing where you can sign up to receive monthly shipments of things you use regularly (diapers, formula, etc…) and save 30%. is also good but their free 2-day shipping is only on purchases over $49 so for me, Amazon’s the winner.

    Mama Fink: our pediatrician’s office did a weekly newborn parenting class for 5 weeks; everybody there had babies the same age within a few weeks of each other. We met some great people there that we still get together with. Check to see if your pediatrician does something similar. I wish I still lived in the Heights (for many reasons…), it’s always great to find other new moms!

  • Lauren

    Congratulations on the new little one!

  • HNGG

    Mama Fink –
    Join the 2010playgroup yahoo group. It’s a bunch of moms in BH and BoCoCa and we meet in Cobble Hill Park on Friday afternoons. Great group of ladies.

  • Mara

    There’s weekly story time at the library. It’s a great way to meet other parents and your little one will like watching all of the activity. It’s on Tuesdays 1:15 and 1:45 for babies under 18 months.