Chris Owens Works It Out or Elvin Tibideaux is His Brother?!

Sure newly elected 52nd AD (male) district leader Chris Owens went to Harvard and Princeton, is a songwriter,  is known for work in the community, is a radio host, is sorta David Yassky’s personalNewman“, but who knew his brother was Elvin Tibideaux from The Cosby Show?!  Even cooler – his actor brother Geoffrey was also in an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Well not just an episode the original GREENMAN episode.

Meet your new (male) district leader in a YouTube video after the jump.

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  • DrewB

    I’ve had an opportunity to speak with Chris Owens on a number of occasions and found him to be full of interesting ideas. And apparently he plays a mean recorder too! Glad to have him on board.

  • voter

    Newly elected district leader? I thought yesterday was only a primary, not the actual race. As someone with no party affiliation I didnt bother to vote. How can I find out if there are any non-primary races part of the ballot?

  • Dread in’ Bococa

    hey, voter:

    to clarify, “district leader” is a party post formally titled State Committee(wo)man, as there’s one of each

  • epc

    I found it was kind of pointless to not be registered in a specific party …with the exception of a few statewide races, the election is effectively decided at the primary.

    Quick: name the GOP candidate for CD11 or AD52? Or any non-Democratic candidate.

  • voter

    @ EPC: I changed my party affilition apparently too late in the year and therefore I ended up with an affilitation of none until past the elections.

  • DrewB

    It was a democratic party election, to elect leaders within the party. Chris was not elected to a government position, it is a party postion.