District Leader Race Results or Now I am 22

Update district leader final results from the Brooklyn Eagle:

In the district leadership race in the 52nd AD, incumbent Democratic District Leader Jo Ann Simon soundly beat out Hope Reichbach with 2,645 votes to 1,657. In the same district, Chris Owens (son of former Congressman Major Owens) won the male leadership spot by 2,154 votes over 1,361 cast for Jesse Strauss and 771 for Stephen Williamson.

The Brooklyn Paper sums up yesterday’s election, including our district leader race in the 52nd AD.

Brooklyn Paper: Voters in Brownstone Brooklyn responded strongly to Simon’s message of experience and reform, choosing to back the woman who has served as the district’s state committeewoman since 2004.

But Reichbach’s polling of 37 percent was a strong showing for the first-time candidate whose family, including her father, judge Gus Reichbach, remains well-respected in Downtown, and even Simon conceded that Reichbach has a bright future in politics.

Reichbach, for her part, vowed to carry on.

“You know, I’m 22 and I got more votes than I thought I would need,” said Reichbach. “I’m not upset right now. I’m going out with my friends right now on Smith Street and I don’t have to wear a suit. I’m happy with that.”

Why does that quote get us thinking about Iggy and the Stooges?

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  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    Why? because you have excellent taste in music, Homer.

  • Dread in’ Bococa

    Lemme get this straight: Owens wins as an independent against two other male candidates, one of whom was supported by the local Assemblywoman and her club (which successfully elected its female candidate), with the other supported by the county leader (as you paper has trumpeted over and over again) and your story doesn’t mention his name – or the interesting dynamic this split leadership portends?

  • Ernie

    These are early results. Unofficial 100% Board of Election results are:
    Joan Millman – 6,826
    Doug Biviano – 2,450

    State Committee
    Chris Owens – 4,263
    Jesse Strauss – 2,671
    Steve Williamson – 1,816

    Jo Anne Simon – 5,097
    Hope Reichbach – 3,212

  • http://www.danrosenbaum.com danno

    Anyone willing to talk about how much the candidates spent on the District Leader positions? There was ton of money floating around in mailings, flyers, posters, and (at least for the Lopez candidates) T-shirts and buttons and GOTV gimmes. Remember: these are non-paid offices….