Cheops Redux at 80 Cranberry Street

It came down but now it’s back up — scaffolding that is — at 80 Cranberry Street.   Looks like they’re itchin’ for another Brooklyn Heights Cheops Award.

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  • Mickey

    Would you rather that they stop working on the building — The Cranlyn — and let it deteriorate? Or do you suggest that they just forego the scaffolding, to the peril of those who walk below?

  • Claude Scales

    We’d rather they’d done the job right the first time, so that further deterioration wouldn’t be happening. Since they evidently have to go back and do more, we’re glad the sidewalk bridge is there to protect pedestrians.

  • Cranberry Beret

    How do you know they didn’t do the job right the first time? Maybe there are 2 parts to the job and it didn’t make sense to keep the scaffold up in between

  • AEB

    Didn’t make sense, Cranberry? Does it make sense to pay for the first scaffolding and it’s demolition, then pay again to have a second scaffolding erected and later removed?