BHB Readers Endorse Joan Millman in 52nd AD Dem Primary

Millman with Parks Commissioner Adrian Benpe and Mr. Met

The results of our BHB poll in the 52nd AD Democratic primary are in and our readers have endorsed incumbent Joan Millman against challenger/Brooklyn Heights resident Doug Biviano.

Here’s the breakdown:
Joan Millman 354 58.22%
Doug Biviano 254 41.78%

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  • JM

    Not this reader. Her hypocritical and self serving “stance” on the waterfront condo-park did it for me.
    She pushed the ridiculous and expensive scheme we have now so her real estate developer backers could make a killing on waterfront condo development and only half heartedly recanted when she saw a fellow pol loose, in part for being pro condo-park.
    Unfortunately by the time a lot of people realize what’s at stake here we’ll be enjoying the shade of hi-rise condo’s using the park as their courtyard.
    I’m votin’ for “the other guy”

  • Peter Kaufman

    When I first heard about Biviano, when he ran for city council, I was intrigued. The I saw that he didn’t have a single proposal for ANYTHING. Now in this campaign, it’s the same thing.

    Biviano will lose, and he deserves to lose. I was in the Clark Street station elevator, yesterday morning, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell him so.

    Not only does he not have a plan for anything, his attack on Millman for collecting the pension she earned as a schoolteacher, sealed the deal.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Millman has been in the Assembly for 13 years which is more than enough. It’s healthier for democracy if politicians are given the heave-ho regularly.

  • Doug Biviano

    Millman had the Assembly campaign committee voting in this poll. The results have nothing to do with the way the voters in Brooklyn Heights feel

  • Peter Kaufman

    I agreed. The poll is unscientific, and these kind of things are pointless.

    That doesn’t change the fact that you’re going to lose – and you deserve to.

    This is from your website:

    Problem: New York unemployment is over 10 percent and climbing, much of it to do with corruption, waste and incompetency.

    Solution:Eliminate Albany corruption, waste and incompetency with active representation of the people.

    Did you pick words out of a hat and pin them to a board? What a joke.


  • Keep the party bosses out of the 52nd AD

    Doug, isn’t that how you won last year’s poll? By you and TIlzer voting over and over and over and over again? You tried it this year and lost. Too bad.

    Stop whining and stop breaking the law- file your disclosure reports.

    Also, stop using your mother to blame Joan for your father’s pension. Either your father made a mistake with his paperwork or he didn’t want your mother to get the pension when he died. If Tilzer told you to use this line, he really is losing it.

    How sad.

  • Obama?

    We have rampant, unchecked corruption running amok in Albany, so do the liberal intelligentsia & other geniuses on this blog see as a solution–keep the status quo???

  • Reggie

    Let’s for the moment assume Doug is correct (see above) — too bad the district is much bigger than Brooklyn Heights.

  • Dorothy Daniela Josephs

    I like Doug Biviano, because he is smart, a civil engineer, with a good education, and he has fresh ideas. I like that he’s endorsed in his stances by Dennis Kucinich, the best rep. on THE HILL, the most Progressive. Joan Millman is not bad, and she’s done some good things, but she has been there for a long time, and maybe some fresh outlook is needed to shake things up in Albany, and Doug Biviano might give us a fresh new vision and new energy. A guy a Master in Environmental Engineering , from Cornell University might be exactly what we need at this juncture. Give Biviano a fair shake. He is not part of the Democratic machine and he does have an interesting set of issues and a vital background. Check out his profile at Linkedink online.

  • Publius

    Looks like the BHB poll was off by quite a bit.

    With over 76% of precints reporting, Biv’s gotten wacked (again).

    District 52
    X Joan Millman Dem 5,300 72.28%
    Douglas Biviano Dem 2,033 27.72%
    101 of 132 precincts reporting (76.52%)