Outdoor Art Installation Coming to Dumbo

A dozen video artists from around the world will come together to collectively show their work as “The Endless Bridge” at the Dumbo Arts Festival September 24th to 26th. But this video art won’t be displayed on a traditional TV or projector screen, the work will actually be projected onto both sides of the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage in Dumbo, as well as other nearby sights, from 8:30pm to midnight on all three nights of the festival.

“The concept of ‘The Endless Bridge’ is an exploration of ‘transition,’ as a constant,” said curator Leo Kuelbs.“In the past several years, the rate of change: technological, climate-wise-down to our social and personal lives, has continued to increase multi-fold.  Transition is no longer a space between, it is the constant.”

So where exactly is the display? Video will appear on the North and South sides of the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage (Front at Adams and Frontat Pearl), a parking lot wall (Jay and Water) and the shop windows at West Elm (Front and Main).

Visit http://dumboartsfestival.com/ for more infromation on this collection and a complete list of exhibits.

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