Tuesday’s Primary – R8NY’s Gatemouth Explains It All

Room Eight’s Gatemouth weighs in on Tuesday’s primary from the Millman vs. Biviano contest to the race for district leader.   It’s a long piece and worth reading for some deep background:

R8NY: I like Hope Reichbach, I might even vote for her for something someday. But not in this race.

The Brooklyn Democrat’s Executive Committee needs at least a few members to raise questions and fusses, to keep the boys honest, and to, when necessary, raise a public stink when private ones don’t work.

This is what this District wants and expects from its District Leader. Jo Anne Simon can say honestly she has fulfilled that role and will continue to do so. The best Hope Reichbach can do on that score is to put out misleading literature which implies she will do the same.

But Hope Reichbach won’t do the same; at least not under this County Leader, and we should assume that this County Leader will remain such for the foreseeable future.

Moreover, if there is a leadership fight, we already know where Hope will be, no matter what the at the time circumstances may justify.

The only thing we don’t know is the answer to the question of when the time comes that Vito again decides to endorse someone other than a Democrat, will Hope violate her fiduciary duty as well? But given she works for Levin, and Levin worked against Councilwoman Diana Reyna even after Reyna won the Democratic nomination last year, I think we can assume what the answer will be.

In addition, Jo Anne Simon has been an outstanding civic activist for decades, pro bono. By contrast, Hope has been a decent civic activist for about a year, for a salary.

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