St. Francis to Host “Tea Party” Debate

On Thursday, October 28, St. Francis College will present a discussion of the “Tea Party” phenomenon that has affected American politics this election year, including New York with Carl Paladino’s capture of the Republican nomination for governor.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: With Tea Party victories across the country during recent primaries, St. Francis College and the Manhattan Institute come together for a special event on Thursday, Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. for a debate between Steve Malanga of the Manhattan Institute and Jacob Weisberg, editor-in-chief of the Slate Group, on the topic: “Are The Tea Parties Good For New York?”

Malanga, a senior fellow of the conservative Manhattan Institute and editor of the City Journal, will presumably argue for the affirmative of this proposition while Weisberg, editor-in-chief of Slate, the on-line magazine founded by Microsoft and now a unit of the Washington Post, will take the negative side. The event is free. St. Francis is located at 180 Remsen Street, between Clinton and Court.

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  • T.K. Small

    This sounds like an interesting debate and I definitely will try to attend. Recently I have been thinking/writing quite a bit aboutthe Tea Party (probably too much). In fact, last month on the Largest Minority Radio Show which I cohost, we had a great conversation on this topic.

    If interested, check out: .

    The Tea Party discussion starts with a thoughtful essay around 8-9 minutes into the show.