52nd Assembly Seat Candidates Talk Cuomo at Prospect Heights Debate

The three Democrats vying to succeed the retiring Joan Millman in the 52nd NYS Assembly district met for a debate in Prospect Heights last night. The New York Observer’s takaway? The candidates are a little “meh” about Governor Cuomo:

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BHB Candidate Interviews: Jo Anne Simon | Pete Sikora | Doug Biviano

NY Observer: “The governor has been enormously against the community on LICH,” said Ms. Simon, adding she was she was still unsure who to support. “I’m watching Zephyr Teachout’s campaign very closely.”

Mr. Sikora and Mr. Biviano, on the other hand, were completely unambivalent.

“Undecided, really? Teachout, no question,” said Mr. Biviano, noting Mr. Cuomo’s relationship with the family that owns the Fortis Property Group, which won the bidding war to buy and develop the hospital. “Cuomo took tens of thousands of dollars from people associated with Fortis.”

Mr. Sikora had some mild praise for the governor for signing same-sex marriage into law, but attacked him over his center-right fiscal policies and the reports that his aides interfered in the workings of the anti-corruption Moreland Commission. Mr. Sikora enthusiastically said he would vote for Ms. Teachout.

“He’s failed to reform Albany. The Moreland Commission revelations have been just terrible,” said Mr. Sikora. “I broadly don’t agree at all with his approach on economic issues.”

The Brooklyn Eagle was also there and provides a wider report here.

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  • johnny cakes

    Andy Boy Cuomo is dirty with real estate “contributions”. The Feds are looking into his Moreland Commission abortion, and hopefully into LICH.

  • Doug Biviano

    It should be clear from this debate that Jo Anne Simon will support Cuomo and Pete Sikora will support deBlasio no matter how much they have harmed and deceived our community with LICH because that’s who their power grabbing machines back.

  • Quinn Raymond

    Cuomo has been terrible for our community and for NY State. It is disappointing that Simon doesn’t have the courage to support his opponent.

  • davoyager

    I will be proud to vote against Governor Cuomo this year for his role in the murder of LICH. Just say’in.

  • Doug Biviano

    I was only candidate there with Zephyr Teachout today

  • Doug Biviano

    fully understand in the LICH closure & how the voters are harmed
    and the politicians protected, the machine relationships to elected
    officials and candidates involved must be fully reported and made
    accountable so voters can make informed decisions Sept. 9. Brooklyn
    Dem Party County Boss Frank Seddio’s longtime law partner Frank Carone
    worked tirelessly for SUNY, Carl McCall and Cuomo in closing LICH.
    Seddio is supporting Jo Anne Simon in this race and Simon fully supports
    Seddio as she makes clear in her interview in Brooklyn Heights Blog
    instead of condemning this behavior of Brooklyn Party Machine.
    deBlasio/WFP/lobbyist Berlin-Rosen/Lander machine support Peter Sikora.
    This deBlasio/WFP machine cut deal for with Cuomo for Cuomo on WFP
    ballot line to preserve their ballot line for next 4 years and threw
    LICH under the bus and washed hands of it. deBlasio and Sikora knew
    full well they and WFP would do this when they staged LICH arrest to get
    arrested. deBlasio/WFP machine fully support Sikora and Sikora does
    nothing but praise deBlasio for his efforts in getting arrested for
    LICH. But it didn’t stop there, deBlasio, Berlin Rosen, deBlasio’s “One
    NY” Citizens Union like PAC sent a “Dark Money” LICH letter to the
    Voters trying lying to us about the level of protection developer
    Fortis’ proposed ER would provide to community. Doctors immediately
    disputed the letter. This coordination of Sikora, Berlin Rosen and
    deBlasio PAC is illegal and Sikora won’t apologize for his campaign
    manager/consultant Berlin-Rosen for sending this deceptive mailer.