Over-Development Dominates Squadron Town Hall Discussion

As a follow up to his Seventh Annual Community Convention held this past April, State Senator Daniel Squadron held a Town Hall at Brooklyn Law school on Wednesday night.  The full Convention Report was made available to all attendees.  In his opening remarks, Senator Squadron emphasized his belief in “participatory government” adding, “State Government has the potential to have positive impact in people’s lives.”

The Senator did a bit of “house-keeping” and spoke briefly about his latest endeavors including the newly LLC Loophole report, released earlier in the day along with Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon who was also in attendance.  The Senator acknowledged District Leader Paige Bellenbaum for her work in organizing the District 15 School Overcrowding Forum.  Also of note was an MTA Bus Town Hall was held in Manhattan last week.

The Senator fielded questions from constituents via index cards. Over-development, preservation of open space and school overcrowding dominated the conversation.  Greenpoint & Williamsburg advocates asked about Bushwick Inlet Park.  Others raised concerns about the Brooklyn Heights Library and encroaching development in Downtown Brooklyn.

Squadron responded thoughtfully saying in part, “Open space is a critical part of our life here in New York City…every where in the life cycle it is critical.  And, not as an after thought or a luxury to who we are as a city.  And it’s too often thought of in that way and in fact it’s dangled out as an enticement when you have development or added density or something else that community isn’t comfortable with and too often that enticement isn’t really truly public open space.”

On school over-crowding a parent pointed out the proposed re-zoning of P.S. 8 does not alleviate over-crowding at the school asking ” “If you’re going to build an apartment, how do you makes sure there’s a school seat that matches that?” Squadron described the DOE’s response to his outreach as “too little, too late.”

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle’s comprehensive re-cap offers more details on this and all the topics discussed.  But no community meeting would be complete without long-time Brooklyn Heights resident Jeff Smith’s unique perspective.   He suggested the epidemic of gun violence is the fault of the Pharmaceutical industry’s over-prescription of psychiatric drugs adding,”gun control is over” due to the invention of 3-D printing.

Senator Squadron represents neighborhoods in Downtown Brooklyn from Greenpoint to the Columbia Waterfront and in Lower Manhattan from Tribeca to the Lower East Side. We applaud and appreciate his continued efforts to advocate on behalf of the residents of Brooklyn Heights and all his constituents throughout the 26th District.

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  • HereToStay

    Over development? Since when is Brooklyn a little town: we are a boro in one of the biggest cities in the world. We have to grow and expand… We must. The people against development are almost always the select view that may have a little less light, a little less view… Come on, we have to grow together.

  • Jorale-man

    It’s good to hear the Senator recognizes the critical problems the neighborhood faces with over-development. It’s been said here before, but unless there’s a plan to significantly build our infrastructure, schools and transportation, there have to be limits on growth in the surrounding area.

  • Roberto Gautier

    Perhaps a request for an official moratorium on further development activities is in order. Assembly member Jo Anne Simon’s call for pressing the “pause” button is out-of-control development is on point. Of course, Mayor DiBlasio and the City Council could facilitate this by reining in construction permits and taking a stand to protect communities from being dismantled. The Comptroller and City Advocate as well as the Borough President would be powerful allies in this effort. Community Board 2’s Rob Perris is key to such “moratorium” moves that would focus on stresses on our infrastructure. Practically speaking, we need to realize how the power of the real estate and construction industry foots the bill for our political class.

  • Reggie

    I cannot think of anything in the Zoning Resolution or the Building Code that allows for calling a time-out or, more prosaically, turning down building permits. Hypothetically, the mayor could establish a state of emergency but that seems very extreme and highly unlikely. Oh, and HTS? Read Jorale-man’s comment. “Over” development means growth that cannot be supported by the municipal infrastructure.

  • Concerned

    Schools are overcrowded…Police are spread thin with the BBP…
    Your glib views become more annoying with every post. Go somewhere else and the Theretostay.

  • Roberto Gautier

    Assembly member Jo Anne Simon’s call for pressing the “pause” button regarding out-of-control development is on point. This period in history teaches us that growth should proceed with respect vis-a-vis infrastructure capabilities and to the people who live in a neighborhood. Blind belief in limitless, non-stop growth isn’t the way to go.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Your comment on my remarks was taken in various ways. I was there to voice concerns on the out of control development. But many others and new voices were doing that so…but then the subject of violent incidents came up and several there began to crow about the NY “SAFE” act…of course this is part of the general arms control religion. I just put up my hand and asked if anyone knew what two terms meant: SSRI’S and 3-D Printing. Several in the audience, if they had a gun would have tried to release my soul from this earthly coil!!!. But why IS it that no MD or psyc. Is EVER even investigated after he poured really dangerous psych meds with log, long histories of causing deadly violence, into an assailant prior to a deadly incident? I see, I said, they shovel out SSRI’S and then I’m supposed to give up or reduce my rights? Sure….I also, given the hostility of the religion Ist present, decided to mention that it really doesn’t matter what they do, gun control is over because of 3-D printing!!!! You had to be there to see the reactions! But both are absolute pivotal points in all this. First, even if every gun in America disappeared tomorrow, you’re not getting a safe stable society if the government continues to allow drugs to pour into this country and medicine pump really dangerous psychoactive medications, many with long, well documented histories of triggering terrible violent incidents. And unless you want to register and ban zip drives and laser scanners, you now can’t stop the manufacture of guns. What now coach? Er, perhaps, we could use some return of religious and family values, morality, decency, ethics and sprituality? How about patriotism? You know..the things which holds societies together?
    I wasn’t there to offer amusement, but out of concern. But it was fun to burst a lot of the pompous blooms in the room.

  • Andrew Porter

    You really are a shill for the Real Estate Board of New York, aren’t you?