Brooklyn Bridge Park Sues Over Faulty Light Poles

DNAinfo reports that Brooklyn Bridge Park is suing two firms it hired to illuminate the fields at Pier 5, alleging that the fixtures weren’t built to BBP’s wind-resistant specifications.

The playing field was opened to the public Dec. 13, 2012, but just eight days later, the shade structures were damaged by wind gusts of less than 75 mph, according to the lawsuit. It says the light poles and shades suffered shared connection bolts, broken fixtures, bent and snapped support rods and torn shades.

One of the firms named in the suit, HNTB Corporation, subsequently modified and re-built the fixtures; the suit seeks payment for the cost of replacing the originals.

Read the full story at DNAinfo.

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  • Jorale-man

    I noticed the “shades” over the fields had torn during a bad windstorm this fall. The park has had a long string of construction troubles over the past few years – It makes me wonder now how much they’re the fault of subcontractors, as they suggest here, and how much it goes back to faulty designs.

  • KXrVrii1

    Has anyone else noticed that the fences seem to be misaligned as well? I.e. where they have the overlapping fences near the entrances, behind the goals, on one side the edges of the two fences overlap quite significanty, while on the other they barely overlap at all.

    If they had slid the outer fences further to one side, both sides would be better overlapped, and fewer soccer balls would fly through.

  • Andrew Porter

    Same company that supplied the metal toadstools that burned children, perhaps?